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"Society at a low?"

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Sun 24/07/05 at 00:00
Posts: 34
I have an alsatation dog. I tied her up outside the shops and I return half an hour later. She's gone.

Two 12 year olds have picked up her lead and walked off with her. We missed them by about 5 minutes and luckly the cop station is only a minute away so we went straight away.

There was a woman complaining about stress for about 5 minutes. We finally get to see someone who brings up the CCTV footage. Clearly showing exactly were they are going and yet the best the police can do is give us a crime number and tell us to wait until Monday when they will ring us.

The CCTV footge shows them walking across the road that is located directly across from the station. But the police are unable to do anything.

So me and my family have looked on foot and in car for a couple of hours around the area were she went misisng. Trust us to have to live on the biggest council estate in the UK.

I just can't believe how pathetic society has become when two 12 yar olds, or younger, decide to steal a dog.

Shame our dog is so tame she simply let them. Even if she was dropped off somewhere she is not the type of dog who would be able to find her way home. She'll either end up dead in the middle of a road as she has no road sense at all or being put down.

We're hoping for the police to have some good news and have called the kennels to let us know if she is brought in. Horrible day.
Thu 28/07/05 at 19:22
Posts: 184
I hope everything turns out alrite for you. That is harsh.
Thu 28/07/05 at 18:01
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
What happened to the dog? I hate threads that leave you not knowing all the details...
Mon 25/07/05 at 18:33
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
Let's hope they're not winding you up. Hey, I wouldn't put it past some people.

But it's good news.
Mon 25/07/05 at 13:21
Posts: 34
Just got back home and the posters are working.

Someone has called in and said they have seen her, so the family is on the way now. I can't go however because I have a driving lesosn scheduled.
Mon 25/07/05 at 13:00
Posts: 3,182
It's probably starred in three doggyporn flicks by now.
Mon 25/07/05 at 10:51
Posts: 14,437
Ah, I know now.

Any results/contact from the Police yet?
Mon 25/07/05 at 10:42
Posts: 34
Bullett wrote:
> Hope your Dog is Ok. I know the shopping centre you're on about (you
> told me where it was once :D ) - did they take it over the main road
> to the big housing area opposite?

You remember the traffic lights you come through to get in, well they went basically straight through them.
Mon 25/07/05 at 09:15
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
It's not your fault for leaving the dog outside for half an hour. All the blame rests with the kids who took her.

I know 'two kids' doesn't count as society, but it shows how much as human beings we can trust each other.

Here's hoping your dog summoned up the courage to bite the two of them and run away.
Mon 25/07/05 at 08:02
"Going nowhere fast"
Posts: 6,574
That's heartbreaking. Hope you get some good news soon but I also agree that the dog shouldn't be left tied up outside a public area for such a length of time. If it is only a ten minute journey to the centre, and you know you are going in to shop, then why not just leave her at home?

Mindst I am not in a position to judge as I have been known to leave my dog in the car for several hours at a time when it is cool enough. Only because he loves being in there and will refuse to get out :)
Mon 25/07/05 at 07:36
Posts: 14,437
Hope your Dog is Ok. I know the shopping centre you're on about (you told me where it was once :D ) - did they take it over the main road to the big housing area opposite?

To lighten things up a bit, I once lost my Dog - he'd broke off his garden chain and went walkabout - after a good few hours driving around searching and fearing the worst, we found him outside a pub, sat on the benches with an empty Pint glass in front of him :D Quite a sight!

Bit crappy of the Police though - "Here's a number you can't really use. Wait a few days for something to come up. In the meantime, I'll type it up on my imaginary typewriter..." *whistles*

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