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"*Hot News* GTA san andreas is 2 player."

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Sat 23/10/04 at 23:12
"Just ram it in!"
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Hi I was looking through an American forum and found these very convincing pics supposedly out of the November OPM of 2 player in action, take a look your self. I have taken them into paint and I canít see any signs of cutting and pasting so I am convinced. What do you lot think? The thing that makes them more believable is that there not screenshots never realised.
Wed 27/10/04 at 18:10
"period drama"
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Jon Y The Sly wrote:
> Your obviously showing your age. Are you about 12? 13 maybe?
> If you weren't so thick you'd be able to imagine how GTA 2-Player
> would work. Yes the graphics may be downgraded so the CPU can cope,
> but that does not mean it can't do it! It will obviously be set up so
> you can't go out of the screen unless your together, or perhaps the
> further you run away from each other the further the camera zooms
> out. OR...... maybe it goes into split screen once you are a certain
> distance from each other. All things that makes sense but a little
> fag like you wouldn't even be able to imagine

Thanks for proving my point.
I take it you've never actually played a game in your life, and have no concept of what's actually enjoyable.

"maybe it goes into split screen once you are a certain distance from each other"

Ahaha. Slap your mother for me.
Tue 26/10/04 at 16:45
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looks like we are getting a 2 player mode...

Rockstar Games
Rockstar North
Third-Person Action Adventure
Origin: U.K.
Number of Players: 1-2
Release Date
October 25, 2004
ESRB Rating: M

But that's only a smidgen of the different kinds of missions that players can look forward to. San Andreas does offer more than 100 different quests and challenges after all, and boasts everything from the scenarios mentioned above to escort missions, stealth-oriented home robberies, on-rails shooting situations, traditional car races, and lots, lots more. There's even an unparalleled selection of mini-games to undertake in your spare time -- including a Dance Dance Revolution-type rhythm game to play when in clubs, a small collection of arcade games that play exactly like Tempest, Asteroids, and Defender, and a fully-realized pool game that has its own physics system and betting option. And don't forget, you can also travel into town and bet on horse races, gamble at practically every known game inside the Las Venturas casinos, and even team up with second player for two-person rampages.

(from ign)
Tue 26/10/04 at 12:58
"'what goes here?'"
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I doubt its true but would definitely be amazing to hunt each other down!!
Mon 25/10/04 at 19:51
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FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> OHNO! Wait, my mistake - old games did it!

Ahhhh....Micro Machines.
Mon 25/10/04 at 19:43
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Aliboy have you played it?
Mon 25/10/04 at 18:20
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A bit like how player 2 could control Tails Sonic 2+ then?

Sounds pap, but you could pull off some sweet two-sided drive-bys...
Mon 25/10/04 at 18:18
"Picking a winner!"
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Well there is indeed a 2-player aspect to the game.
Want to know more then read below


In one of the missions you save a girl from a burning house, she becomes your girlfriend, you take her to bars and stuff and perform drive by shootings. If you go to her house there is an icon, press any button on the 2nd controller and she is now playable with the second player.
You can room around together but the area is limited, can't go to far of the screen before you stop.
Can drive around and preform drive by's etc but all in all its a bit pap and I guess most will just ignore it altoghether.
Mon 25/10/04 at 18:10
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I dont think you'd be able to get 2 players unless its simply one player drives the other shoots.
Mon 25/10/04 at 17:50
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It couldn't work without it being split screen or on two compeltely different screens. The reason it worked with old games is because you either had a set path to follow, or had nowehrre to go, with a free roaming game like GTA, it just wouldn't work.
Mon 25/10/04 at 17:25
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Oh and also, the best RPG is Zelda, not Final Fantasy where they dragged it way on and had a poor concept and everything. What a loser game!

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