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"What on Earth happened with Hardy on RAW?"

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Tue 12/07/05 at 07:49
Posts: 212
I haven't seen RAW yet but i have heard that Hardy made an appearance to take out Edge, this morning i checked out and there was absolutely no mention of Hardy whatsoever, this suggests that this was unscripted.

Apparantly Hardy attacked Edge before his match with Kane and after the match while Kane was attacking Snitsky somewhere, security, referees and cops separated the two and Hardy was arrested.

Knowing WWE they will edit this out so they take a commercial straight after the match, also i have heard the crowd went absolutely crazy for Hardy chanting his name as he left the arena... has anyone actually seen RAW live from last night?

EDIT- How did Hardy even get into the Building anyway? if this was unscripted then the Security cant be that brilliant
Fri 15/07/05 at 14:14
Posts: 9,808
Ant wrote:
> Nice to see Matt Stryker on RAW, thought he was great! :D Shame he
> lost though, I really thought for a moment he was going to win.

Just to correct myself as well as yourself Ant, the Raw appearance was actually by Matt Striker, who was the teacher who was sacked, a guy who has mostly worked for 3PW.

Matt Stryker is a completely different bloke who has worked for ROH a lot.

Bit confusing that...
Thu 14/07/05 at 20:07
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
I did like that Angle comment *damn you lie alot* :-D
Thu 14/07/05 at 19:58
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
Nice to see Matt Stryker on RAW, thought he was great! :D Shame he lost though, I really thought for a moment he was going to win.

Interesting promo with Angle as Stryker set for a permanent position on RAW?
Thu 14/07/05 at 02:15
Posts: 3,505
Check out has a video in which he talks a bit about it.

Also something that makes it even more obvious is the WWE's bite this on there website. Lita answers questions a good angle, and at first made it more believable that it was an unscripted attack, until they take a phone call from guess who?... Matt Hardy (bet you didn’t guess). If it wasn’t scripted why would they let him talk? They would have cut him straight off.

Well I have to say it has finally given RAW a good story line.
Wed 13/07/05 at 22:48
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
How anyone can think that's anything other than scripted god knows, so blatantly obvious it was. Had they gone with just the attack backstage then it might have cast doubt although it'd still be suspect it just so happened to be when the camera is on Edge. However with the attack in the ring it just shows it up as an obvious work

Hardy actually getting in the ring in the first place, despite how often those crafty wrestlers get past security and in the ring they aren't a bunch of morons and would have caught Hardy before he got near the ring.
Kane and Snitsky conveniently leaving the ring and fighting to the back leaving Edge and Lita alone
The fact they didn't cut right to commercial and just kept the camera on the fight
and the fact the mic didn't cut out as soon as Hardy picked it up and security gave him ample time to get his spiel out.

Clever work but already exposed as one when the WWE could have kept some doubt without the extra segment.
Wed 13/07/05 at 13:38
Posts: 9,808
There is a school of thought that suggests Hardy was never actually fired and that everything from there on in was a work, although the affair was/is very real. I guess we'll never know the real truth though.

Anyway, for my two penneth, the WWE have done a great job of getting everyone talking about the product again and making this episode of Raw into 'must-see' television. Something they have been lacking for a long time.

Interesting to see them also trying to cash in on the media attention that the Matt Stryker situation has caused as well.
Wed 13/07/05 at 12:47
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
The Wardy wrote:
> deep could this go...i wonder if the affair was a work...i
> wonder if they ever went out in the first place...its a good work
> because its got people thinking :)

What's there to think about? Lita and Edge screw around Hardy's back and he gets fired due to the twisted morals and ethics Vince has. The smarks then begin to do all their chants at shows killing anything Lita and Edge were doing so Vince goes along with it and makes an angle out of it, which really was the only possible thing to do. That brings us to the wedding with the Hardy music playing bit which gets a huge ovation, Vince then thinks *hold up a minute, maybe getting Hardy back would be a good thing and boost some interest back into my tired offensive product, and while we're at it we can advertise ROH and make the casual fans aware of that to before i absorb it and kill it* He signs Hardy back who then proceeds to carry on the work on his website considering he doesn't have any tv time to put forward his side and then we arrive to what happened on RAW.

Clever for the WWE but that's not really saying much, an obvious work from a real life situation that got Hardy more interest in his career than he ever could have hoped to had
Wed 13/07/05 at 12:39
Posts: 5,135
Thanks for spoiling RAW Hillfish, you moron.

Please die a horrible, painful and slow death.
Wed 13/07/05 at 12:00
"I like cheese"
Posts: 16,918
I considered the whole affair might be a work. Doubtful, though.
Wed 13/07/05 at 09:14
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
Raven-ous wrote:

> I agree with everything JOH said. What a f**king work! But since it
> is aimed at the internet fans, it is very very stupid to continue to
> claim that it is anything but an angle.
> I am suprised that Hardy is willing to go into an angle with Edge at
> all really. Unless.....the whole affair thing is a work? Hmmmmm. deep could this go...i wonder if the affair was a work...i wonder if they ever went out in the first place...its a good work because its got people thinking :)

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