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"Film Discussion Thread"

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Sun 10/07/05 at 12:16
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
There is the "What was the last film you saw" thread, but people seem to just say what films they watch and not comment on anyone elses, and if you ask a question people ignore it and carry on writing down what films thay have i thought why not make a thread that people can actually talk about films in rather than just list the ones they have seen. So, if anyone has a particular queston about any particular film, then post it here and hopefully someone will have the answer for you :)
Thu 25/08/05 at 22:36
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
In the film Deep Blue Sea, does he say that you use 2 or 3 eggs for the perfect omelette?
Tue 26/07/05 at 00:40
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
Is the Grudge any good?
Mon 18/07/05 at 21:57
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561
Has anyone seen Human Traffic?

I have heard mixed reactions about it. I was going to get it as a present for someone who likes films such as Pulp Fiction, Clockwork Orange and Trainspotting.

He's into all the violent stuff!

Anyone know if this is violent? It is an 18 so i am assuming so :S

Please help :)

Sat 16/07/05 at 15:32
Posts: 4,686
I got Scarface ages ago from a promotion. Still haven't watched it though.

Chippxero wrote:
> Two things you should ask yourself:
> Have you ever seen a Zombie killed with a vacuum cleaner?
> Have you ever seen a Zombie cow drag a woman out a car window?

I can say: > no (but how anyway? - not that I'd actually want to know)
> no (aren't zombie cows on the menu at McDonalds?)
Sat 16/07/05 at 15:27
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Dead meat- has anyone seen this? Itís an irish zombie movie very cheaply made.

Two things you should ask yourself:
Have you ever seen a Zombie killed with a vacuum cleaner?
Have you ever seen a Zombie cow drag a woman out a car window?

If you want to see these then get the film. Itís not the greatest film but funny to watch in a group of people.
Sat 16/07/05 at 14:14
Posts: 21,800
It's definetly worth seeing, but I wouldn't go mad about it.
Sat 16/07/05 at 13:45
"Anarchic Sponge"
Posts: 47
*Agrees with Chris*
Sat 16/07/05 at 11:20
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
The Wardy wrote:
> How good is Sarface?

It's just about the best movie there is.
Sat 16/07/05 at 10:06
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
Posts: 3,561

Its unusual for Amazon to do a price that low. Especially as i didnt pay for delievry because i added it to another order and it added up to over £19 so i got free Super Saver Delivery :)
Sat 16/07/05 at 09:36
Posts: 2,287
It's good, but some people make it sound better than it really is.

It is a really good film though and worth that price.

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