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"What mission are you on and such..."

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Mon 01/11/04 at 18:10
"Insert Gently"
Posts: 2,681
Thu 25/11/04 at 12:43
"Insert Gently"
Posts: 2,681
FINISHED IT, last night End of The Line, not the hardest mission. Now I'am just messing about flying around with my Harrier at my desert airport
Thu 11/11/04 at 20:52
Posts: 23,284
1st Zero - 2nd time
2nd Zero - 3rd time
3rd Zero - 2nd time

On the last, destroy the tanks first.

Just finished 'Lure'
Thu 11/11/04 at 20:41
"America, _ yeah!!"
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To be honest i didn't find Zero's missions harder than expected from hearing everybody's opinions. The second last mission for Zero was the hardset as i just vaguely made it back.
Thu 11/11/04 at 20:16
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Just gained access to Las Venturas and have done the trucking mission for Toreno.

Going to go and explore it now before coming back and doing Cesar's next mission at the garage, which apart from Zero (who I'll happily leave out until I'm at 99%), is the only mission I have on the map.
Thu 11/11/04 at 19:51
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just done that mission now on 2nd attempt.

I found it best to try and force you way into first place by ramming them and then taking it easy.
Thu 11/11/04 at 19:29
"Bring it on"
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i am stuck on the farewell my love mission. is there any other way of actually passing this mission?
Thu 11/11/04 at 16:07
"Silence Is Silver!!"
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Reynolds wrote:
> I'm on the Zero missions aswell, do you have to do them or can you
> just leave them becasue i am finding them very difficult!

what are the zero missions.
Thu 11/11/04 at 09:38
Posts: 15,579
Just got the game yesterday afternoon and done 19 missions so far. Last one i did was that one for OG loc or whatever (life's a beach) found that to be the hardest mission so far! took me 5 attempts! i have no rhythm!

Loved the russians mission.
Thu 11/11/04 at 06:32
Posts: 14,437
Apparently you don't need to complete Zero's missions to move on in the game.

Which is music to my ears.
Wed 10/11/04 at 21:29
Posts: 23,284
How many planes do you need to shoot down.

My goodness

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