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"POLL: Is Halo 2 as good as you hoped?"

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Fri 12/11/04 at 13:41
Posts: 14,117
Right, no chit chat in here, just two simple questions with yes or no answers.

1: Is Halo 2 single player as good as you hoped?

2: Is Halo 2 multiplayer as good as you hoped?

No scores. No comments. Just "yes" or "no".
Sat 13/11/04 at 20:12
Posts: 2,938
No (well, not yet)

Yes, yes, yes
Sat 13/11/04 at 20:10
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Ashman wrote:
> Cyclone wrote:
> I (multi-inspired zealot fervour aside) cannot understand these
> mutliplayer gripes. The multiplayer online is seamless and clever
> and
> completely lag free, and fully featured.

> I grant you that, but I never picked at the interface/lag.

True enough, I just felt it was worth a mention.

> As for 'too futuristic' how come you don't level the same gripe at
> the single player?! Tanks, grenades and freakin' shotguns aren't
> futuristic to me, and they're in multiplayer. The maps are like
> Unreal in that they are good maps - in fact, better in most cases to
> be honest. A good multiplayer map is a good multiplayer map - it
> doens't matter which game honed the forumla first, Halo 2 has great
> maps.

> It is personal taste at the end of the day I guess.

Yet you love single player?

To be honest, this game has been built up for yonks and yonks about how incredibly mind-shattering the multiplayer is, and I can't see the huge fuss. Yes, it's great fun, but no, the maps aren't really good.

I can't find much wrong with them - there are none that I don't want to play. All have little nuances that make them all the more individual and fun.

To be
> honest, for something of such magnitude I expect maps that are BETTER
> than Unreal, and I can only find a small selection to be honest.
> Worry not, I will get many hours of enjoyment out of the multi, it
> just hasn't fullfilled my hopes like the original question asked.

Fair enough, but I love it so much I cannot quite comprehend why! ;)

> 'Too all guns blazing, too crowded' etc?
> Rigggghht. It's a combat multiplayer game, hence the killing. It's a
> trillion times better than the frankly dull Rainbow Six.

> Dull Rainbow Six? Just because you don't come under direct fire after
> you respawn makes it dull?

RS3 is dull because it's far more restricted, and although good, is crap as hell when there are two guys left and everybody has to wait. Taht really does suck. Halo 2 simply creams RS3. Sure, on some small all vs all maps with a lot of players, you get attacked very quickly - but that's aslo extremely good fun and hectic. Any larger map or team game, and there's no real danger of being killed in about 5 seconds.

> Put it on a large map if you want less 'all guns blazing'. As it
> is it's both frantic AND stealthy, instant and tactical.

> It seems far more mindless to me. Unless you bring some of the other
> games modes into play, which I grant you. Still not had to use
> stealth or had stealth used on me ONCE.

Try creeping up behind people with the sword. Seriously, no game requires one or the other totally - you have to adjust the tactics.

> The vehicle problem is not a problem - hell, a Scorpion can be
> taken down by two rockets, or a boarder - it's fantastic, fantastic
> fun to both work as a team to take a tank down, or work as a team to
> protect a tank as it wreaks havoc. Banshees can be shot down
> easily/boarded at points. The multiplayer, seriously, is absoloutely
> outstanding. I cannot say enough good about it.

> On some levels, with the default vehicles, it becomes incredibly one
> sided if one person gets to a banshee/ghost/tank if the objective is
> to kill the opposition.

No, it doesn't. That's bull. Homing rockets/boarding/vehicles become the largest targets in the game and so attacked by more than one person.

I'm sorry but it's true. The multiplayer IS
> superb,


I was just expecting too much I guess; I feel slightly let
> down.

Your problem....

But why shouldn't I when it's supposed to be the best Xbox game
> yet? I can't see myself spending any more time on it than Rainbow, or
> Projct Gotham 2 in my opinion. But hey, if you think it's pure,
> utter, unfiltered class I'm not going to stop you. Halo 2 is a very
> good game, but for such edge-of-your-seat hype, it didn't seem worth
> it this evening when after a few hours of Halo 2 system link we
> switched back to the original for a blast.

I was expecting Halo 2 to be great, and the multiplayer has just blown me away.

> And like Spikey said, I do hope they release Sidewinder and Hang 'Em
> High as downloadable content.

Nah, Sidewinder was poor compared to Blood Gulch.

We'll agree to disagree. But hell, RS3, PGR2 and even PT aren't going in my Xbox for a very, very, very long time.
Sat 13/11/04 at 20:04
Posts: 13,611
No, and yes.
Sat 13/11/04 at 20:03
Posts: 9,631

I've changed my opinion.

Yes and Yes.

Single player is really starting to get me now.
Sat 13/11/04 at 20:02
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Ashman wrote:
> Banshees aren't much trouble to take down. If you're on foot, and in
> the open, and there is a Ghost, you're truly screwed.

No you aren't - it's the beauty of the game - one guy vs a ghost and guy, and both sides have tricks up their sleeves to win. Sure, the gohts has a slight advantage, but the lack of manouvrability of the Ghost when boosting, combioned with the jumping/jacking of the foot soldier makes it a fantastic fight.
Sat 13/11/04 at 09:43
Posts: 12,425
1. Yes

2. Haven't played deathmatches yet, just co-op, which was great.
Sat 13/11/04 at 01:36
Posts: 15,443
Yup, I was wondering how far stretched the Xbox can get, but seeing as the environments are more varied with a lot more on screen, something was bound to give way.
Sat 13/11/04 at 01:34
Posts: 4,910
Crumble wrote:
> We had 4 v 4 Spike, and I found it pretty good.

Then again I loved 6 player on Halo. I can't really say much more though, because you see them as flaws and I see it as teamwork = victories. Don't give up though, it's a blast when you finally string some wins together.
Sat 13/11/04 at 01:34
Posts: 2,048
Well I'm off, see y'all.
Sat 13/11/04 at 01:32
Posts: 4,910
lcarus wrote:
> Just noticed something peculiar. If you pause in multiplayer, choose
> another sub menu, then start again, for a split second you'll see the
> map in its simplest form. Oh yes.

Yeah I've noticed this too, I think it's because it's constantly loading the large textures. That's what annoys me the most in the single player, the way the textures "pop in". I would rather they had toned down the textures so that they didn't contain pop up. But my hats off to Bungie, the models and textures in the majority of the cut scenes are fecking brilliant considering what the hardware it's running on is.

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