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"What will gaming be like in 10 years?"

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Wed 06/04/05 at 08:40
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Think back to what games were like in 1995. The PS1 had just been released and we all found it amazing that games were now in "3D"! Think how far games have evolved since then...

Anyways, what do ye all think games will (or should) be like in ten years?
Here's my ideas:

1) Fogging will be a thing of the past. Worst offenders today- Morrowind, Shadow Ops
2) You know how amazing the cinematic sequences were in Final Fantasy X? Well, in-game graphics will be like that.
3) Games won't just have two or three routes that can be taken to complete the game, they'll have hundreds. Talk about replay value (the best we've got so far is surely Morrowind).
4) Games will be acknowledged by old people and religious groups as being for adults too, and people won't be outraged every time a title with an adult theme is released.

Well, over to you people...
Wed 08/06/05 at 12:54
"have destroyed 8 me"
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i agree because there era about 30 games i can think of that are just repeats of games that were created ten maybe twenty years ago but i think VR will be around in about ten years i read on a japanese website that four people were being paid to test vr technology
Thu 19/05/05 at 16:22
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I agree that aside from the visual aspect of them, games have advanced very little since the mid-90's. I ask you to find a deeper, more involving game than Final Fantasy 7 or Fallout in today's market.

Doom 3 also shows that while games might look the part today, they're more-or-less the same games that we were playing several years ago.
Thu 19/05/05 at 12:58
"smile, it's free"
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I doubt we'll see as much of an advance as people might expect in the next ten years.

What have we really seen in the last ten?

Ten years ago we saw the emergence of the Playstation. We saw gaming becoming mainstream rather than 'cult', and the era of pretty looking games dawned on us.

Ten years ago we had Tekken 2. Now we have Tekken 5, which by all accounts, is pretty much the same game with a handful of extra characters, and looking a little prettier.

Ten years ago they said VR would be big in ten years time. It hasn't been.
Ten years ago they said we'd all be using holographic games in ten years time. We're not.

Evolution in the gaming industry is dead. There are no new genre's of games. There are existing games made to look prettier and sound better. The endless iterations of popular gaming franchises swamp the market. Tried and tested. Bigger is better. Familiarity sells.

In the latter part of the last ten years we've had very little real progress whatsoever. I see no reason for that trend to change in the next ten.
Sun 15/05/05 at 08:16
"In Soviet Russia..."
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They just wanted a go.
Sun 08/05/05 at 12:22
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Bet the other people in the store thought you were a looney as well :-D
Sun 08/05/05 at 10:20
"Retarded List"
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Del Rogeo wrote:
> I've never actually bothered with Eye-Toy. It's a nice idea but I get
> the impression it's just a bunch of repetetive mini-games with the
> novelty idea of the camera.
> Am I right or am I right?

Sounds right.

I've used it in Currys or somwhere. It was amusing for about five minutes.
Fri 06/05/05 at 06:47
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I think Online gaming will have taken it's other step forward, 1stly becoming more socially popular, then just general advances in connection for all homeowners. Teenagers would simply find, Internet gaming being the common mutli-player.

Graphics and game physic just improving at a constant rate, Every 5 years the benchmark level is raised, Like exampled: (New Consoles lifespan, about 5 years.)

Super NES --> Nintendo 64 --> Gamecube

(Recoup in your mind, that how only 3-conslonised-generations have completely changed gaming graphically), so imagine!!

And I shall stop, I’ll be day dreaming xD But I think Online gaming will be a new company Industry. Global Advertisement, Online Tourneys… and so on :)
Thu 05/05/05 at 19:54
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Bullett wrote:
> In fact, the most fun I had on it was when I had to take my photo for
> the profile.

So I'm better off playing on the photo booth in Woolworths then. I actually used it today for my driver's license...pretty good fun.
Thu 05/05/05 at 07:13
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Del Rogeo wrote:
> I've never actually bothered with Eye-Toy. It's a nice idea but I get
> the impression it's just a bunch of repetetive mini-games with the
> novelty idea of the camera.
> Am I right or am I right?

You're pretty much right. It's fun for about 5 minutes.

In fact, the most fun I had on it was when I had to take my photo for the profile.
Wed 04/05/05 at 17:52
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Hopefully gaming will be more like the movie industry and each game will have several investors rather than just one calling all the shots.

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