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"The Ring Two"

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Fri 01/04/05 at 01:01
Posts: 6,592
Ah, you know the drill by now.

Damn, that little kid was eerie. And extremely ugly. Almost distractingly so. Not that I should be finding young boys attractive, but you get the drift.
Mon 04/04/05 at 19:33
Posts: 20,776
I watched the Japanese version of Ring 2 last week and I remember thinking that I'll never get those two hours of my life back.

I can't recall a single scene that I found disturbing.

In my opinion 'The Grudge' tries to tell a similar creepy story and does a far better job.
Sun 03/04/05 at 22:41
Posts: 7,037
:) Saw it last night.
Again, I had to kinda get into a ball-type shape and cringe when that thing started climbing up the well in that *cringe* jerky way. Euuuch.
Didn't really feel as scary as the first, which is just silly anyway, shouldn't be comparing.

Not a bad film, but still not sure what to make of it. Takes a couple of weeks to register..
Fri 01/04/05 at 17:29
"say hello to parsle"
Posts: 522
Saw the Jap sequel last neet. It was OK! Some dead nice shots in there, but some poo acting. The stop-motion Sadako looked well nice until she went and talked, she looked like one of the muppets.

The Ring films are pretty good I think, certainly not 'the best horror film ever' as people (students/goatee wearers) say (have they not seen Braindead?!), but certainly not that bad either. C'mon, the soundtrack is frickin' awesome!

Haven't seen the yank versions though.
Fri 01/04/05 at 17:04
Posts: 2,781
Emitime wrote:
> X-Men 2 was just pure class though.

The Nightcrawler Oval Office scene - *fap*
Fri 01/04/05 at 16:21
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
The Ring still sucks though
Fri 01/04/05 at 16:14
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Goatboy wrote:
> I don't really think you can hold up a movie about somebody with
> superpowers as any kind of arbiter of taste

If he had posted film titles of the same genre as a comment it would have been better.

But i don't really like when people compare a computer game like halflife 2 to neverwinter nights it annoys me because thats like saying a washing machine is better than a oven....they are trying to do different jobs!!
Fri 01/04/05 at 16:09
"Infantalised Forums"
Posts: 23,089
Whilst I agree with the Ring not being very scary or interesting, I don't really think you can hold up a movie about somebody with superpowers as any kind of arbiter of taste
Fri 01/04/05 at 16:08
Posts: 9,631
X-Men 2 was just pure class though.
Fri 01/04/05 at 16:06
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
Reefer wrote:
> The Spider-Man and X-Men films >>>The Ring. Simple as.

Fair enough if thats your opinion.
Fri 01/04/05 at 16:06
Posts: 2,781
Chippxero wrote:
i don't like these run of superhero films that have been
> churned out

The Spider-Man and X-Men films >>>> The Ring. Simple as.

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