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"Halo 3 - February 9th???"

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Wed 17/11/04 at 19:26
"Insert Gently"
Posts: 2,681
Rumours say that Halo 3 will be released on February 9th 2005, after completing Halo 2 on Legendary the date February 9th is revealed, Bungie as usual have dismissed this rumour. But seeing as it took 2/3 years to complete Halo 2 this seems unlikely unless Bungie have something up their sleeve...
Sun 19/12/04 at 19:24
"Royale with Cheese"
Posts: 340
By the way this was a big hoax so enough of your theories.

Halo 3 = ???
Sun 19/12/04 at 04:41
Posts: 33,481
Or if there's enough demand it'll turn up on the official mag's disc instead like some of the popular downloadable extra levels have or get bundled with another game.
Sun 19/12/04 at 02:10
Posts: 11,875
Seeing as not even half of Xbox owners use Live, if it is a downloadable 'ending' to HL I hope they're fully prepared for mass outrage and bricks through their windows.

Either that or front the bill to mail everyone with a disc.
Sat 18/12/04 at 21:23
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
It would be unprecedented (sp?), but not impossible, although I doubt something like that would be kept secret...although most of the leaks from before were from Xbox Live play-tests (which were on a suspiciously large scale), and they wouldn't need to play-test this one. And keep hinting at it.
Sat 18/12/04 at 13:33
"boom boom click"
Posts: 885
still it is a little farfetched to have two massive halo games and keep one very secret until two months from release
Fri 17/12/04 at 19:55
Posts: 33,481
I thought Halo 2 was a little on the short side so it wouldn't surprise me to get a 'part 2' to it.
Sat 04/12/04 at 22:50
"Royale with Cheese"
Posts: 340
Forgive me, turns out that this is a big fat hoax...My bad
Sat 04/12/04 at 21:30
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Rumpadodosnitzle wrote:
> It will be a new downloadable ending-level for single player, which
> explains what happens to the cheif.

That's what they bloody well need.
Fri 03/12/04 at 00:31
"Fishing For Reddies"
Posts: 4,986
My bet is that it's ONI 2. Go to and you hear armies, fighting, guns, etc.

ONI 2. Hmmmm.....
Tue 30/11/04 at 18:45
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
It isn't impossible, just unfeasable.

They could have written both games with the same engine, making the third game just a continuation of the second. This would be similar to making the last two Matrix movies together.

But Bungie wouldn't do that because Halo 3 would then be seen as a quick cash-in, and that doesn't happen in the gaming world. ;-)

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