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"Get a job"

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Mon 28/02/05 at 20:09
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Hi everyone,
I wanna get a job in the retail industry, like working at a till or something right?!
The problem is that I got really bad grades in High school (due to medical problems) and I don`t know whether I should lie about these grades just to get the job.
I applied for 1 job which I didn`t even get reply from.
Tell me someway that I can get an job. I absolutely hate spermarkets so don`t suggest that please.
Any ideas?? Post them please

Am I weird wanting to work in a funeral place?
Wed 02/03/05 at 15:47
Posts: 11,038
Ms NY wrote:
> munn wrote:
> I applied for a job as a typist last night.
> A typist.
> A MALE typist.
> Aren't you 14?

Wed 02/03/05 at 07:29
Posts: 14,437
Check his profile, he's 127, DUH.

Tue 01/03/05 at 21:23
Posts: 7,037
munn wrote:
> I applied for a job as a typist last night.
> A typist.
> A MALE typist.

Aren't you 14?
Tue 01/03/05 at 21:21
Posts: 11,038
I suggest a military experimentation clinic.
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:49
Posts: 11,038
I'm sure it'd be quite easy.
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:44
Posts: 5,848
Depends what you have to type...
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:42
Posts: 11,038
It's an office in Glasgow.
But 8 quid an hour?

Hell, I'd pick up dog crap for that much.
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:26
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Typist sounds like a pretty good job, actually.
Do you get to work at home?
Tue 01/03/05 at 20:23
Posts: 11,038
You think it's difficult getting a job with no grades?

I got 4 A's and a B in my Highers, and I still get rejected, despite being like teh best guy ever.

I applied for a job as a typist last night.
A typist.
A MALE typist.

(Do you get them).

What a sucky job it would be.

But it pays 8 quid an hour.

That's, as they say, quite good.
Tue 01/03/05 at 19:37
Posts: 5,848
Why do you want a till job anyways? There's plenty of other 'unskilled professions'

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