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"Official Election Thread"

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Wed 23/02/05 at 09:47
"serenity now!"
Posts: 527
Firstly, the rules.

To place your vote, write "I vote" and the name of the person you're voting for. Try to keep chat to a minimum in this thread.

Only Regulars and existing Notables can vote, no newbies I'm afraid. Likewise, only Regulars can be voted for. You can't vote for yourself.

Votes will be accepted up to 11:59 pm tonight by the forum clock. Any votes after this time won't count.

Only one vote each. Anyone found to be voting under more than one account will have all their votes voided.

Edited posts won't count either. If you need to add/change something, make a new post.

Good luck. Voting starts... now!
Sat 26/02/05 at 16:29
"Captain to you."
Posts: 4,609
I Vote Parr as i feel sorry for him as he has triangular eyes
Sat 26/02/05 at 16:16
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
i'm voting for you
Sat 26/02/05 at 03:25
Posts: 3,863
Fri 25/02/05 at 23:49
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
I vote BERADS.
Fri 25/02/05 at 22:32
Posts: 1,204
no idea
ip dip dooo...last person posted was
i vote gerrid

Hurray for erm....gerrid!
Fri 25/02/05 at 17:39
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
i'm voting for you
Fri 25/02/05 at 16:27
Posts: 4,199
I vote that you all shut your fat flapping mouths.

or in this case, fingers.
Fri 25/02/05 at 07:58
Posts: 14,437
That would certainly stop crowd-following.
Thu 24/02/05 at 23:14
Posts: 11,038
Coin wrote:
> Via-torala wrote:
> Wouldn't it be easy enough just to keep the votes hidden until the
> end
> and then when it's over they can be put up?
> Coin wrote:
> Mmm... The elections should be a hidden poll.

Nah, you fool, he means as in, so that the staffies can't fix it, show the votes at the end of the voting period.

"Keep the votes hidden until the end"
Thu 24/02/05 at 22:05
Posts: 2,464
i'm voting for you.

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