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"Valentines Day ideas"

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Fri 28/01/05 at 15:38
Posts: 13,017
It's a bit early but it's creeping up on us, like Santa to sleeping children; ready to catch us unaware (and try and have sex without waking us).

I'm wondering if any of you promiscuous gents have any decent plans to romance your ladies. However seeing as only about 4 people on the forums have made female contact it's a bit doubtful :-P

I'm going generic and getting chocolates, a CD, perfume (she smells) and a night out - seem's the most flawless way.

I'm sure grand-high-stud Light has got a plane to fly-by with a romantic message dangling from the tail - but we don't all have planes. When will you understand Light? When?

Anybody giving an anonymous card?
I've never done that, seems wasteful. a few quid and they wont know it's you? Bloody hell.
Unless she's really ugly and it gets her hopes up for a while, then thats alright... I guess.

Final though, any girls (or guys) want to recommend me a nice perfume? Nothing that stings the nostrils, something just, for want of a better word, 'nice'.
Tue 15/02/05 at 10:18
Posts: 23,284
Knoblettes ahha

I love knoblettes.
Mon 14/02/05 at 22:48
Posts: 23,216
I don't see the interest myself, peni are wonderfully stupid looking things. But then, breasts are just blobs of fat with ridiculous looking knoblettes stuck on, and are quite possibly the best thing ever. Ce la vie, etc.
Mon 14/02/05 at 22:19
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
Ms NY wrote:
> It's hard not to look, though. They walk past and WHOOSH, my eyes just happen to
> follow their package, not sure why either. Must be a pervert.

It's almost as if we're two sides of the same coin.
Mon 14/02/05 at 22:17
Posts: 7,037
sweet Tooth wrote:
> Ms NY wrote:
> "Ask any girl and 99% of them will say they never look at a
> guy's
> thing when it's packed away."
> That's wrong.
> Either that, or they're all lying.
> Its not like you can see much when its packed away ..
> but a little peek never hurt anyone:)

It's hard not to look, though. They walk past and WHOOSH, my eyes just happen to follow their package, not sure why either. Must be a pervert.
Mon 14/02/05 at 22:07
"leaf it aaaaht"
Posts: 7,914
heh..just making sure everyone's a winner.

and now i have some making up to do

''the wedding's off''-English_Bloke, 2005
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:50
"long time"
Posts: 3,121
Ahhh is that what she calls it "Getting ready" ? :)
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:46
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
She was "getting ready" in her own words, which I think means giving herself a treat before she has to sleep with me...still, nevermind. Doesn't take too long.
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:42
"long time"
Posts: 3,121
And your not in the bath with her because??
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:39
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
It's a chick-flick, but I'll get some for watching it.
Mon 14/02/05 at 21:37
Posts: 10,364
It's rubbish.

You'll hate it, she'll hate it, everyone will hate it.

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