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"Why Bother?"

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Fri 07/01/05 at 20:07
"A Paladin with a PH"
Posts: 684
A dying planet-spinning in space surrounded by the debris of it's own failure. Mad tyrants rule over the faltering nations, giving orders to destroy hundreds of innocents without lifting a finger, watching the world outside crumble from the comfort of their ermine couches. Outside the bodies pile up, killed in many ways-flood, famine, disease or a radioactive charged bullet to the head.

The very planet begins to tear itself apart, sensing the end is near, as the ice that has stood for millenia crumbles and melts, utterly destroying the balance of this fragile world.

In one last, fatal act of this heartbreaking planetary tragedy, this world is swallowed up by beings of greed and destruction that were the only forms of life to have the chance to stop the cataclysm.


Gotta get off this rock...

If you don't get this consder yourself either stupid or...whatever.
Tue 25/01/05 at 21:11
"A Paladin with a PH"
Posts: 684
Maybe because we didn't have (many) cars, planes, mass production or most industry then?
Tue 25/01/05 at 17:12
"The South Will Rise"
Posts: 227
Well heathcat, we'll be bloody old if we aint dead in 100 years time... damn i'll be 121, and bugga am I running away from rising water at that age.. aint my problem about this global warming stuff, and as far as i'm concerned its CRAP.... its no hotter now that it was 100 years ago
Tue 25/01/05 at 16:28
"A Paladin with a PH"
Posts: 684
Sorry I didn't read that, all scientific mumbo jumbo to me ;)
Mon 24/01/05 at 22:37
"give up giving up"
Posts: 17
We aint all gonna be dead in a hundred years time.
Its all scientifical mumbo jumbo stuff and not only that.
The ice caps melting will only raise the water level a meter at the most.
and its even possible that the sea will lower.

Remember water expands while frozen.
The ice burgs are mostly under water.
The hotter it gets the more water evaporates.
The sea level goes down and we have 90% humidity all round the earth.
and the water will help keep the heat out.

and if all else fails run to the mountains, and when you hit the top. build a real big ladder to the moon or somin.
Sun 23/01/05 at 21:47
"A Paladin with a PH"
Posts: 684
why? You would be dead before you finished counting anyway.
Fri 21/01/05 at 18:45
Posts: 23,216
Surrealguy, could you make a list of people who would miss you if you died for me?
Fri 21/01/05 at 17:31
"A Paladin with a PH"
Posts: 684
Sorry, but I have to make a point of this. OMG THE SAD LOSER GOT HIMSELF BANNED. Good riddance (wipes hands).
Fri 21/01/05 at 14:36
"Slice n Dice baby"
Posts: 135
Well if any of you had seen the program on Global Dimming, humans will all be dead in 100 yrs anyway, due to G.Warming. The Greenland ice sheet will melt in 25 yrs time, not 50 as they predicted, which is in my life time.

Thu 20/01/05 at 23:03
Posts: 863
Surrealguy wrote:
> It's not that which I'm complaining about, it's the fact that he
> assumes it to be something which I made up on the spot to sound
> impressive, as if I would stoop so low...

That's not what I was getting at, dullard.
Thu 20/01/05 at 22:36
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
Ach, get off yourself.

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