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"Battery life the truth"

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Tue 21/12/04 at 11:18
"Nintendo RIP"
Posts: 35
Just thought you mis-informed Ninty fanboys might like to nip over to
IGN psp and find out the real battery life details rather than the 90min horror stories you have been spouting out.
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:52
Posts: 1,204
Dont forget if you use it a lot as well rechargeable batterys get less and less powerful. Thats what the whole ipod battery thing was about. People dont understand youll get the full length of time that you got when you first played it :S
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:24
Posts: 11,875
BTW, every console sells out in it's first week. If it didn't I'd be extremely worried.

Every console sells truck loads in it's first month, it's 6 months later where you can see it's true success.
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:20
Posts: 11,875
Darwock wrote:
> Whitestripes DX wrote:
> "umm, no"
> Quality debate as usual, try broadening your horizons and visiting
> the websites of grown ups who can actually afford them, and you will
> find out it is 'ummm yes'.
> The owner of the import shop I visit is so impressed by Ridge Racers
> he's offering 400 plus to anybody who can get him one before
> christmas, lol. eBay prices have gone ridiculous. Personally, I can
> wait...

Hi, try understanding what is being said before you open your big mouth.

Kind regards, WS DX

Just to give you a hand, I was responding to the charge points on planes.
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:08
Posts: 2,769
even tho the playstation exists, i would still buy a gameboy handheld product over a sony one.
ne way, i was'nt trying to say either of the handhelds suck, just that you cant predict a game consoles/handhelds future on early sales, a large chunck of the market buy at christmas or upon game realeases.
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:05
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
'Gameboy'? Are yous ure you're not making these up, Dringo?
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:04
Posts: 18,185
Indeed, but if you look over-all Nintendo are selling more Nintendo branded games systems worldwide than Sony...

Thanks to that Gameboy thing.
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:02
"tokyo police club"
Posts: 12,540
As much as I doubt that, I can understand why it may have happened - Sony were new to videogaming, so people will have been apprehensive, where as SEGA were well known.

The fact that Sony are currently the leading name in gaming and Nintendo aren't nearly as big as Sony (sales wise) shows that they're completely different circumstances.
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:02
Posts: 18,185
Legendary Link wrote:
> the Sega Saturn out sold the Playstation at their launches.

What's that??? A popular brand console outsold a console that hadn't developed a brand yet. Shock.

I mean you are right, everyones heard of Nintendo DS's but no one has heard of this "playstation" thing.
Wed 22/12/04 at 17:01
Posts: 18,185
Top score wrote:

> That is nice for you what I am trying to say is though, products
> today are expected to have these features peoples expectations and
> demands have change and if you don't move with the times then you get
> left behind (GC and DS).

What??? MP3 players and video playback on phones have really struggled to take off. The N-GAGE and the Nokia 3300 are Game-Phone or MP3-Phone hybrids and they flopped.

The fact is the world is obsessed with the I-Pod and I can't imagine a PSP with its small, shoddy MP3 addition will change that.

I also can't see the PSP FINALLY launching handheld TV/film watching...

Handheld TV's and mini-DVD players have existed for years and have never taken off.

What will sell the PSP is the games.

To be honest I don't want either the PSP or the DS. I'm happy with my nice, simple Gameboy Advance SP.
Wed 22/12/04 at 16:58
Posts: 2,769
the Sega Saturn out sold the Playstation at their launches.

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