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"arsenal fans, what a bunch of hypocrites"

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Sun 24/10/04 at 20:44
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ok its a bit of a generalisation, but all the ones i saw were moaning in the pub about that penalty. Ok it was minimal contact, but at least there was contact from one of your bungling defenders.

before you start moaning again i'd like to remind you of the raping and pillaging you took from pompey last season. Quite possibly their best performance in the top league, and Mr Pires' actions. If you want to moan about a penalty, preach at your own lot first. Outrageous cheating and your run wouldn't even have existed.

on another note the game was unbelievably rubbish, so boring till the peno, which made it interesting just by virtue of the fact A***s historical run was about to be ended
Tue 02/11/04 at 09:39
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
or†ega wrote:
> I'm not quite sure what Fergie's trying to achieve by asking to FA to
> look at Henry's and Bergkamp's incidents.

tis more of the scottish mind games
Tue 02/11/04 at 01:06
Posts: 15,579
heh, kinda went off on a few tangents...
Tue 02/11/04 at 00:45
Posts: 6,801
ha how did this become a 100+ topic. god only knows
Mon 01/11/04 at 18:32
Posts: 16,558
We are.. seems Fergie wasn't even thinking much about the game against you.
Mon 01/11/04 at 17:08
"es argh"
Posts: 4,729
Dear lord this has gone on too long. Surely they should be concentrating on the Champions League now?

Mon 01/11/04 at 16:28
Posts: 15,579
I'm not quite sure what Fergie's trying to achieve by asking to FA to look at Henry's and Bergkamp's incidents.

If this 48 hour rule sticks, the FA wont do anything so Fergie must be just trying to well...i dunno :S
Mon 01/11/04 at 15:28
"Brooklyn boy"
Posts: 14,935
Vampyr wrote:
> how come you keep puttin \\ before \'

my comp is screwing up, although only on this site it seems which is strange.
Mon 01/11/04 at 10:51
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
its so true. what has happened? is it the return of Queiroz?
Mon 01/11/04 at 10:50
Posts: 8,818
lalakersrule wrote:
> It\'s just a shame Fergie isn\'t as good at picking a decent team at
> the moment then playing mind games

The team simply aren't good enough. Against Pompey we had more or less our first team yet we couldn't string a few passes together or score a goal. We took a step forward last weekend and two steps back this weekend. What is the point.
Mon 01/11/04 at 10:05
"Previously Vampyr"
Posts: 4,618
how come you keep puttin \ before '

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