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"Having a filling...."

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Mon 18/10/04 at 00:34
"Spurs 1 - 0 Man Utd"
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Yeh, need a filling on one of my teeth, too many Dr Pepper's apparently, and was just wondering what the procedure was.

Will they put me entirely out, or just locally? Or not at all?

How long will it take, because I'm supposed to be seeing someone an hour after my appointment...

Tue 19/10/04 at 10:42
"You fail in life!"
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I've never had a filling before, to be honest I really don't want one, surprising thing is I don't really take good care of my teeth!
Tue 19/10/04 at 09:17
"Spurs 1 - 0 Man Utd"
Posts: 5,235
Ashman wrote:
> And you told me that you were having teeth taken out, Lil Bro...

I thought you said 'having a filling' not 'having a tooth out' as that was what everyone was asking. I said yes, and didn't realise your question til after, when I couldn't be assed to correct myself :p
Tue 19/10/04 at 08:47
"Vodka Queen"
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I may have to have a tooth out on Friday :( cause of this blummin toothache
Tue 19/10/04 at 06:33
"Puerile Shagging"
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Silent Thunder wrote:
> I hate the "dentist smell". :-/

Buy him some Lynx for Christmas then
Mon 18/10/04 at 21:25
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English_Bloke wrote:
> I have had nothing done to my teeth. I have lovely pearly whites.
> I go in and sit down. He looks in my mouth and goes, "G4 B9
> T16". Ok, you're all set.
> Still, it's worth going just to look down the hygienists top.

What is the hygienist is a big fat guy?
Mon 18/10/04 at 20:41
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I've never thought of myself as somebody that could easily withstand pain, but fillings really are nothing. I've had three teeth out, where I had to have 4 injections, and whilst all that was uncomfortable it really wasn't anything to get worried about in the slightest.

Fillings, you say? I didn't even have an injction for mine.

And you told me that you were having teeth taken out, Lil Bro...
Mon 18/10/04 at 20:16
"For One Night Only"
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I'm having a tooth that ruins my almost-perfect smile removed soon.
Mon 18/10/04 at 20:15
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I hate the "dentist smell". :-/
Mon 18/10/04 at 20:11
"es argh"
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Bah. First filling I had the injection wasn't strong enough.

Oh the drilling.
Mon 18/10/04 at 15:22
"Vodka Queen"
Posts: 4,927
you can get a white filling even though it costs more..

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