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"Nintendo are changing"

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Sun 23/01/05 at 17:47
Posts: 308
Ok, I just read this and the download is real, I've been reasearching, it's so weird, Nintendo are really getting their act together.
Wed 26/01/05 at 14:54
Posts: 9,848
Nothing wrong, but it IS getting a little samey...

Basically, Nintendo got worshipped like Gods when they led the way back in the days of the N64, and this sent them on an ego trip, from which they've still not recovered.

They ARE trying to re-live the days of the N64.
The thing is, revolution for the sake of revolution just doesn't work.
So there's a chance they're onto a genuinely good idea, otherwise they'd be better of just milking the Gamecube to it's entire potential.

We didn't dismiss the N64 until Perfect Dark and Conker showed signs of slowdown. It was the N64 hardware holding people back, stopping them from going further and doing new things (like online gaming, which the Gamecube never went on to do ANYWAY!).

What has the Gamecube hardware struggled with? Nothing.
Have ANY complaints been about the technicality of games. No.
The only problem has been the actual content of games.
At the beggining it was because devellopers were still concentrating on the technical side, as you would with new hardware.
Now we are finally at the stage where the technical side is all set out already and devellopers can finally put all their efforts into a game.
Game production costs are ready to plummet.

I remember back in the days of the Amiga when I could pick up a game for 5-7. The game might not be amazing, but for that price it didn't matter. A game was a game.

Then when hardware got more advanced and games became more complex, game devellopment costs rocketed. With advanced devellopment tools, games can become relatively easy to make again, meaning that not all devellopers need blow a fortune on coding and can concentrate on interesting game design.

Then these new games will be able to retail for a cheaper price and will sell to people who'd never have paid 40 for such a game, but were happy to pay 10-20.

There's still a market for full priced games, but that's being dominated by the big name publishers.

Either that or Nintendo will just make the whole lot obselete with some "revolution"! :-D
Wed 26/01/05 at 14:10
Posts: 10,437
I don't see how it could possibly end up as anything more than a stupid gimmick. What's wrong with how we currently play games?
Wed 26/01/05 at 13:39
Posts: 9,848
Tphi wrote:
> The whole idea of gyro-controllers (if it turns out to be more than
> idle speculation) seems just like "revolution" for
> revolution's sake.

That was the big downfall of Windwaker.
But we might be wrong. Nintendo MIGHT have something really amazing up their sleeve, but "might" isn't enough to get someone excited. :-)
Wed 26/01/05 at 10:44
Posts: 7,741
The whole idea of gyro-controllers (if it turns out to be more than idle speculation) seems just like "revolution" for revolution's sake.
Wed 26/01/05 at 00:23
Posts: 9,848
Dringo wrote:
> Well I imagine analogue control is still used.

So analogue control to move Mario, and then shake the pad up and down to activate the Gyro to make him jump! :-D
Tue 25/01/05 at 23:22
Posts: 18,185
But the controller could be anything.

The fact is I haven't a clue what Nintendo plan and how it'll work.

But I bet it'll be good.
Tue 25/01/05 at 22:38
Posts: 33,481
Dringo wrote:
> But there's no point in speculating here.

Cheeky beggar! You post a list of rumours AND THEN expect people not to speculate about things!

You're mad you are! Completely mad! woogooootyotoo5o5oo5y!
Tue 25/01/05 at 22:36
Posts: 18,185
Well I imagine analogue control is still used.

But there's no point in speculating here.
Tue 25/01/05 at 22:06
Posts: 9,848
You've said it before.

It stemmed from this "No A and B buttons" rumour.
So they're going to name their buttons different.

But in another thread when I asked what the Gamecube can't do, you said something along the lines of the Revolution being something amazingly new and different, that wouldn't even use buttons anymore! :-P
Tue 25/01/05 at 22:03
Posts: 18,185
Strafio wrote:
> And control it without buttons...
> Riiiight...
> Mario Sunshine... Gyro style... :-D

Who said there wouldn't be any buttons?

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