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"HELP! I need to buy a birthday present:S"

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Thu 22/07/04 at 15:42
"They Call Her 1 Eye"
Posts: 2,765
Right it's my boyfriend's birthday on August 17th and I have no idea what to get him. He's a huge manic fan but he's got all their DVDs, all their albums and singles, posters, a signed promotional picture and the Manics aren't playing near us anytime soon. SO I need a new idea.

Normally I just go into town, see what I'd like and buy that for them but I want to put more effort into this. Do you have any ideas? He's going to be 19. Any ideas would be good and if you have any links to where to buy them that'd be amazing. Baring in mind I'm a student therefore I am poor. Thanks for your help guys and gals in advance:D
Sun 25/07/04 at 15:02
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Wakka wrote:
> Couldn't have put it better myself.

Aaaw, isn't it cute.
Anyway, I didn't know 5 year olds wore aftershave.
"luke mummy im a beeg boye nowe!11"
Sun 25/07/04 at 14:57
"Trap your mind"
Posts: 53
do not buy a man clothes becuase he'll say "oh thanks there great." but they prefer to buy there own clothes
Sat 24/07/04 at 14:04
"Redness Returneth"
Posts: 8,310
Paradox: wrote:
> If you want Boss, get Boss in Motion.


> I also recomend:
> Touch - Burberry


> Cool Water -Davidoff (Though it is a bit of a DAD fragerance)

Never heard of it.

> Ck1 - Calvin Klein

Agreed. Get him a Calvin Klein Multiplack, it contains a 50 ml bottle of CK Be, a 50 ml bottle of CK One and a 50 ml bottle of CK Summer. For £23.99.

> Do not, under any circumstances, buy him Joop. It smells like tooty
> frooties.

Couldn't have put it better myself.
Sat 24/07/04 at 13:47
Posts: 1,174
jim-hat wrote:
> Strid wrote:
> I hate it when people get me clothes, they're always too small.
> That's because you're FAT.

and stumpy...
Sat 24/07/04 at 04:01
"QPR 1974"
Posts: 2,539
Strid wrote:
> I hate it when people get me clothes, they're always too small.

That's because you're FAT.
Fri 23/07/04 at 13:58
Posts: 18,487
Lil Ginge wrote:
> *looks down thinking why didnt i wear a bra this mornin*

Do you remember a little while ago we were going to swap photos ? :P
Fri 23/07/04 at 13:53
"They Call Her 1 Eye"
Posts: 2,765
Heh it'd be interesting. I'll skip straight to the intravenus(sp?) injection of hardcore drugs please
Fri 23/07/04 at 13:24
"Light of the world"
Posts: 4,763
Hedfix wrote:
> SHEEPY wrote:
> Lil Ginge wrote:
> ..NO it was sheepy with the womans handbag wasnt it?!
> I'm not speaking to you, you've passed you're driving test. I'm
> still a failure.
> Breasts.


*looks down thinking why didnt i wear a bra this mornin*
Fri 23/07/04 at 12:51
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
SHEEPY wrote:
> And hard drugs and stuff that I can never imagine actually happening
> in Edinburgh.

It's soo true.
Fri 23/07/04 at 12:47
Posts: 33,481
*Shoots up on Princes Street*

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