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"PSP or DS?"

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Sun 20/02/05 at 13:17
"Steady, Go!"
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I know there have probably been similar posts to this, but which one? At the moment i'm leaning towards the PSP, should I be?
Sun 13/03/05 at 19:24
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Sun 13/03/05 at 19:10
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The psp is better even tho it is more expencive but it is worth it. it has better graphics.
Sun 06/03/05 at 10:38
"I wish I was taller"
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PSP is much better than the DS in my view
Sat 26/02/05 at 19:34
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Well the ds comes out on the day before i go on a week long school trip and about 20 of us have preordered....Pictochat away!
lol anyway, psp does look good but it'd irritate me like my ipod did when i first got it, constantly shining it and crap. Now ive just left my ipod and its a scuffed as well, i cant think of a good analogy.
Wed 23/02/05 at 17:47
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If there IS a GBA 2 (I think that Nintendo were only keeping their cards open incase the DS failed, which it hasn't) then it won't come until the end of the DS' natural life cycle anyway, so the DS might as well be the GBA 1.5 equivilant.

I reckon that the DS will set a lot of new standards for games.
I'm not so sure about the double screen being set as a standard but wireless and touchscreen for sure. I reckon that pictochat will get more popular the more people have a DS.

All a successor would need would be a PSP style analogue disc and perhaps a little more power and then would you EVER need more from a handheld?
Tue 22/02/05 at 20:34
"period drama"
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Ninty set the DS apart from the Gameboy from the very start - because it is not a continuation of the series. Just because it's a handheld, doesn't mean it has to be a Gameboy.
And yes, like you said, because it was an experiment.

But the quality of the machine and games, and the unique experience it provides are by no means characteristics of a filler machine that's just been churned out before the next GB.
If anything, the GBA2 will seem like a step backwards.
Tue 22/02/05 at 19:40
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To date all nintendo portables have carried the gameboy name. Gameboy, Gameboy pocket, Gameboy colour, Gameboy advance. Why then would nintendo not use such a well known logo for their next portable machine? To me this makes it sound like the DS was an experiment, to see how people react to innovations in gameing. With the upcoming "Revolution" i think this is a reasonable idea. However, if you really want a press release from nintendo saying that the DS is a filler, google it.
Tue 22/02/05 at 19:10
"period drama"
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Proof that it is a filler, please. A special Nintendo annoucement, if you want.

"Yeah, this thing's just a stop-gap. Don't worry about it."
Tue 22/02/05 at 19:08
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Coin wrote:

> That's tripe man, utter tripe. The DS isn't a filler...

Tue 22/02/05 at 19:07
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Coin wrote:
> nova prospekt wrote:
> I do admit the graphics on the DS cannot compete with the PSP but
> the
> DS was never meant to, it is menat to fill the gap until the release
> of the GBA 2.
> That's tripe man, utter tripe. The DS isn't a filler...

Nope, Prospekt is right. The DS is supposed to be a filler, hence it doesn't carry the name 'Gameboy' on it...

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