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"Things I kind Of Hate/disagree On GTA Games"

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Wed 23/02/05 at 17:08
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No.1 When you are doing the cops mission. chaseing the crogs and your raming shooting there car trying to stop them and when you do that then you find out you are being chased by cops. i wanr them to make the next GTA so that wen you do the cop mission you and the cops work together.
Sat 12/03/05 at 08:03
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FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> The whole gang war / turf thing is stupid.
> Well, it was okay, but when you take a place over, it should stay
> that was. None of this "omg!1 your turf is being invaded!"
> rubbish.

That was a pain, i've only rented it so far but what annoyed me most was i spent ages taking over territories only to lose them when you effectively get kidnapped by the police after the Green Sabre mission, i'm hoping they get given back to me.
Other than that i like the game, takes a long time to get any money together, doesn't have the fun element of the previous games but it's more tied into the story so i dont mind.
Sat 12/03/05 at 00:30
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yeah i done that on vice city and i jumped some mission to right to the end ( the shoot out at the manion) by using cheats
Fri 11/03/05 at 19:14
"The definitive tag"
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Cheats are too dangerous to use in GTA. I once lost a save game on Vice City for using codes. Good thing I had it backed up.
Fri 11/03/05 at 15:19
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do anyone use cheats on S.A? i dont
Wed 09/03/05 at 17:23
Posts: 66
I hate that wen(things disapers) and your running out

of ,health,armor,and you need some were to hide (cars)
Mon 07/03/05 at 01:55
Posts: 33,481
Exactly what I thought.

Reminds me of True Crime

*Stops car thief who promptly runs past me and steals the car I just got out of*
Sat 05/03/05 at 22:53
"Get It?Got It?Good!"
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You're not the only criminal in town mate
Sat 05/03/05 at 21:59
"The definitive tag"
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Stuff disappears all the time. I don't dare leave modded cars lying about when I go to the local ammunation in case the damn thing ain't there when I come back out.
Sat 05/03/05 at 21:38
"period drama"
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It's never happened to me either.
And seeing as all cars and people dissapear from the war area, except the gang you're fighting against, I don't think it's very likely to.
Sat 05/03/05 at 21:15
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Chr1s wrote:
> No that's never happened to me.

well it should of ! and another thing that bugs me is the (trigger aiming) you are lock on to someone and you press the back (the down button on the D pad) to walk back to take cover but when you do you loss the aim! and then you have to repersion you self again and that really frostrating when you fighting the others! (GANGS!!)

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