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"GBA2 speculation "confirmed" by Nintendo"

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Tue 01/03/05 at 16:10
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Nintendo is to showcase the GBA2 at the next E3, which takes place in mid-May.

It has been revealed that Nintendo plan to show off the GBA2 at the next E3, which begins May 17th. The unit will apparently have a large high-quality back-lit screen, as well as analogue controls.

With the emergence of the GBA2 fans may be wondering, "what's the point of the DS?" Well apparently at E3 Nintendo will be showing off software that will make the DS more like a PDA.

According to Spong the new GBA2 will be based around the GameCube hardware, but that seems like a bit of a jump from the GBA. Still, more will be seen in May.

(Sorry if this has been mentioned in the similar posts down below)

Well well, I for one am a bit dissapointed with this.

EDIT: Although, the article has been taken from Spong.....hmmmm
Thu 03/03/05 at 21:38
Posts: 468
So i can ride on the clowds?
Thu 03/03/05 at 20:41
Posts: 18,185
Oh strafio you never understand do you.

The DS is big, bulky, built for specific type of games and graphical inferior to its direct competitor.

But it offers things its direct competitor could not offer. Which is why it'd sell for different reasons.
Thu 03/03/05 at 13:49
Posts: 9,848
Dringo, the ONLY thing the DS doesn't have is an analogue disc and even then it can simulate one. So there is NO reason why traditional games can't be played on it.

A "GBA2" would be THAT pointless.

Those Spongtards should just get a PSP and be done with it! :-P
Thu 03/03/05 at 13:00
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
Roll in the PSP's totally original line-up.
Thu 03/03/05 at 11:09
"Long live videogame"
Posts: 33
I do agree actually the DS is totally different Mario, Yoshi, Wario I have never heard of those titles before.
Wed 02/03/05 at 22:16
"The definitive tag"
Posts: 3,752
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> It's a bad move however you put it.

Very true.
Wed 02/03/05 at 21:51
Posts: 18,185
It won't please the die hard fan base that would end up getting both.

But the casual gamer will either pick one or the other depending on what they want.

I have really started to see the DS from the point of view I am supposed too. A completley new game system, not a new gameboy at all, a new system entirely. Like an experiement. A system that only plays new games.

Really just think of it as a "third piller" for a second. The DS and the PSP really do appeal to 2 different markets. Those inspired by something new, new gamers discovering a new system... thinking the concept sounds facinating. New games. Perhaps a new gaming craze.

The GBE or what have you, a simple, straightforward handheld device that sells to those who already bought handheld devices.

I don't think Nintendo would release it this year, to put it simply it would really damage the launch of the DS (especially with the price points) and it'd annoy the fans. But don't expect the wait to be too long.

There is a good chance the system will appear at E3.
Wed 02/03/05 at 18:51
"period drama"
Posts: 19,792
It's a bad move however you put it.
Not only splitting a fanbase, but splitting the developers. So you'll get a handful of good games on one handheld, another lot on the other one.

That's not going to please very many people.
Wed 02/03/05 at 17:00
Posts: 18,185
Macintosh wrote:
> Third pillar system, O please.
> Question: How to dump over lots of DS owners?
> Answer: Bring out a newer system 6 months after launch of DS.

The point of the DS is "different games"... the fact is the DS and the traditional GBA will sell for different reasons.

If you want games like "Yoshi's Touch and Go" and "Touch Kirby" innovative new game designs then get a DS.

If you want more traditional games then either get a PSP or the up coming GBA2.

If Nintendo release the GBA2 they'll block Sony out with two systems that cover the entire market. Those inspired by this new form of gaming and those who just want a traditional handheld machine.

Craig on the IGNDS channel pretty much covers this.
Wed 02/03/05 at 16:33
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825

Oh, you're so pathetic.

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