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"My uber-impressions of TSfwee"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Timesplitters: Future Perfect'.
Wed 30/03/05 at 18:33
Posts: 33,481
Pretty good but so far I'm glad I picked it up for cheap.

It's a lot better than the previous incarnations, the aimings really been fixed and that was my biggest worry.

2 hours and 40 mins in and I'm halfway through the story mode which is a little disapointing, hopefully the later levels get longer like the one I've just done.

A few annoying things like not being able to kill zombies on the ground when you know they are goingto get up as soon as you pass them - this isn't a problem, as I'm currently going through it on easy, but I can see these little things making the higher difficluties become tiresome quickly.

Another thing is the over use of NPC defending and 'OMG your trapped in a room untli you kill 'x' amount of creatures for the 10th time this level' begins to grate after a while. and, like a recent review said, stealth has been included just to say it has been included: a particularly daft bit comes early on where you have to sneak through two empty rooms without being spotted to get to another room. Needless to say this was quite easy because the rooms were EMPTY.

It's pretty funny, I liked the bit where I span a vehicle out in a tunnel and couldn't turn it round. It turned into that bit out of Austin Powers where the same thing happens.

Playing through I kept wishing they'd splashed out an implemented the Havok engine as this would have put the icing on the cake and make the destruction just a little more fun and seem less scripted.

All in all very good so far and I haven't got round to the multi yet.

However if you're thinking of buying it purely for the single player missions I would suggest you rent it as it 'ain't all that'. Return to Castle Wolfenstein did this sort of single player much better a year or so ago.
Fri 01/04/05 at 00:22
Posts: 6,702
I tried out monkey curling today which was quite good fun. Only took two attempts to get the platinum though unfortunately, which was a little disappointing - wouldn't surprise me if many of you did it first time! Still, I did enjoy it and will probably have a few more goes. Its back to work on Monday for me, so I'm "splitting time" as best I can between Splitters 3, GT4 and MGS3. Its such a hard life :)
Thu 31/03/05 at 23:44
Posts: 4,899

Good game, short story...

Hard is sufficiently easy to get through, whilst appearing challenging. Arcades and Challenges are ace though, as is the multi-player.

Me likey.
Thu 31/03/05 at 17:02
"say hello to parsle"
Posts: 522
The story mode is inconsistant, I reckon. Stunning in places (Haunted Mansion), but kinda gay in others. I prefer TS2's story because the objectives change on each difficulty level (just like in Goldeneye!), but in TS3 there's no obvious changes other than tougher guards, so on the weaker levels there's no incentive to play them again on a different setting. Smelly.

The challenges rock though, and so do the arcade leagues! The one weapon deathmatch with flair guns is ace. Also, zombie monkeys, why did it take so long to happen?!

Could anyone tell me what I need to get my PS2 online? And are there any other decent online games besides TS3? I get free broadband in me next uni accomodation...sweeet! :D
Wed 30/03/05 at 21:09
": ("
Posts: 5,614
i like it, a lot wrote:
> do's

Wed 30/03/05 at 21:06
Posts: 3,611
First Person Shooter
Wed 30/03/05 at 20:47
"i own groovy land"
Posts: 435
please mind my stuidness but what do's FPS mean
Wed 30/03/05 at 20:43
Posts: 354
Stridman wrote:
> Hedfix wrote:
> It's pretty funny, I liked the bit where I span a vehicle out in a
> tunnel and couldn't turn it round. It turned into that bit out of
> Austin Powers where the same thing happens.
> LOL, I did the same thing.
Same here and i know 3 other mates who's done it and all said the same thing!
Wed 30/03/05 at 20:37
"i own groovy land"
Posts: 435
please mind my stuidness but what do's FPS mean
Wed 30/03/05 at 20:27
Posts: 33,481
FinalFantasyFanatic wrote:
> Hedfix wrote:
> Wasting ammo was easy to accidentally do.
> Meh, you must suck.

Not on TS3 I don't.

Or any FPS I've played online.

TS2's aiming was unbalanced and I wasn't a fan.
Wed 30/03/05 at 20:26
Posts: 33,481
I'm going to give the multiplayer a go in about half an hour. That's where the real test shall begin because I played Perfect Dark for a crazy amount of time doing the challenges and killing friends and bots in multiplayer.

Being able to do the Perfect Dark challenges with more than 1 player (up to 4) was an excellent idea too.

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