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Thu 18/03/04 at 19:44
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Just bidded for a cheap copy of this on ebay (it's the first pc game I ever had so I fancied the nostalgia of it) but it says in the description it doesn't work on XP.

I thought XP incorporated all the other operating systems?

Also I think someone once mentioned changing something in your OS so you can make it operate the same as an older OS.

Fri 19/03/04 at 12:10
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Buck1 wrote:

> But is the game made in any form of C or C++ or so on. Becoase
> windows xp doesnt have MS-DOS it has a window command prompt BUT NO
> DOS.

What rubbish are you on about now. Whether a game can run under different versions of Windows (or any OS) has NOTHING to do with the fact if it was written in C or whatever. It's good giving advice here, but if you're names dropping computing terms just to show off your "expertise", there's no point. Except to humour some of us.
Fri 19/03/04 at 12:00
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Fri 19/03/04 at 11:33
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I have it

Ah memories
Thu 18/03/04 at 21:30
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It's ok, I got outbidded.
Thu 18/03/04 at 21:29
"100% Sonic fan"
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Windows xp IS compatable with older versions of any game that was meant for a previous version of microsoft windows.

But is the game made in any form of C or C++ or so on. Becoase windows xp doesnt have MS-DOS it has a window command prompt BUT NO DOS.

So some things will not work on xp and some things on xp will not work on windows 95, 98 etc.

It might be someth8ng with the "choice" command taken away in windows NT+

I would send an E-Mail to the auction person to ask why.
Thu 18/03/04 at 21:20
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*slits wrists and drinks own blood before performing felatio on an aroused whale*
Thu 18/03/04 at 21:18
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my affection for the western, i dance for a date..
Thu 18/03/04 at 21:17
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Thu 18/03/04 at 21:15
"tokyo police club"
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5, 6, 7, 8...
Thu 18/03/04 at 21:14
"sweats salad dressi"
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Oh you SO would

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