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"I'm Finding it Rather Amusing, To Be Honest"

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Fri 27/02/04 at 23:09
"Which one's pink?"
Posts: 12,152
Well, come on. It's not every night you get quality entertainment like this. Hell, it's regulars. Any idiot can see that.

But it's funny. Better than the usual crap blurted out on here.

Oh, and I expect the inevitable "itz u cuz u say it ok!!!!!111" crap.
Muh, go ahead ladies.
Sat 28/02/04 at 01:49
Posts: 33,481
This forum is pretty cack but most of the others are generally good, this is the forum for retarded rubbish and only in this forum do people pay attention to it.

In any other forum most of this junk would have sunk without a trace of a reply.
Sat 28/02/04 at 01:40
Posts: 16,558
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:32
Posts: 19,415
Absoluć Neˇ wrote:
> Silent-Scope wrote:
> I'm glad i don't come on here that often anymore...
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:30
Posts: 8,818
Silent-Scope wrote:
> I'm glad i don't come on here that often anymore...
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:27
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
But I do have quick access to the heli pad on the roof, so it isn't all bad.
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:27
Posts: 4,558
The floor sounds good to me!

Can't wait. Roomie...
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:26
Posts: 20,776
NB lives in the attic
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:26
Posts: 20,776
JT¬ wrote:
> I'm your new roomie.

I have the executive suite, the smaller room is grandprix's, tigamilla has the guest bedroom, hedfix has the fold out camp bed, Icarus has the second smaller room, and you can have the sleeping bag and pillow.
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:22
Posts: 16,558
I'm glad i don't come on here that often anymore...
Sat 28/02/04 at 00:18
Posts: 1,191
L'Az˙l wrote:
> Lan Di, I aim to please.

Indeed you do.

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