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"Anyone ride a scooter / moped ?"

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Mon 16/02/04 at 19:12
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If so, can you tell me the legal requirememnts for riding one?
(I have a full car drivers licence)

What's the deal with the CBT ?

Tue 17/02/04 at 20:35
"Twenty quid."
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▀orać SagdiyeV wrote:
> I trust you have added your own touches - lowered suspension, alloys,
> neon underskirts .....

Heh. I did take the basket off, and my dad fitted a pouch under the seat for my iPod. I've also got a big maroon poncho thing for when it's raining - it covers the whole thing, and me, with my head poking out the top under a hood. The laydeez love it ...
Tue 17/02/04 at 20:33
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Timmargh wrote:
> I've got one of these ...
> ... Top speed 10mph!

I trust you have added your own touches - lowered suspension, alloys, neon underskirts .....
Tue 17/02/04 at 20:31
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
It won't do 25 miles, though - the furthest I've gotten is just over 16.
Tue 17/02/04 at 20:30
"Twenty quid."
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English_Bloke wrote:
> Cool, can I've a go?

Sure. You have to flick the "Speed" switch to indoor when you're on the pavement, though - apparently 4mph is the limit.
Tue 17/02/04 at 20:07
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Screw mopeds, those things are the nuts :^D
Tue 17/02/04 at 19:45
"Puerile Shagging"
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Cool, can I've a go?
Tue 17/02/04 at 19:41
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
I've got one of these ...

... Top speed 10mph!
Tue 17/02/04 at 18:22
Posts: 8,220
Heh. Car would be better, but I'm too cheap!

The again, I know 2 people who died in traffic accidents on bikes, both were the fault of incompetent car drivers.

But if I go work in London it'd be so much more convenient...
Tue 17/02/04 at 11:24
"Long time no see!"
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From what I've heard, the CBT "Test" you have to take is hardly anything like a test at all!

It's more like... An "All-Day Lesson", in the way your are, basically, helped to drive around cones and stuff, and, according to someone I know who recently passed his, they pretty much but the words in your mouth for the answers to the questions, anyway.

All you really have to do is pay your fee, turn up, and it's a guarrenteed pass - not even `I┤ could fail this one (however, I see much more sense in driving a CAR rather than one of those little "gimp-mobiles"!).

Tue 17/02/04 at 09:23
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Anyway, buy a car. Or a real bike. Mopeds are death-traps and most moped drivers are really irritating as they haven't got a clue on road rules.

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