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"need for speed: underground"

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Sun 01/02/04 at 10:42
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here is my review of need for speed: underground. enjoy!

Want the best arcade racer on the worlds best console, the ps2??? look no further.

This year has been a breakthrough period for EA. they seem to have gone back to the times when they made other titles than just sports games and phenomanal titles at that. i have already played my highly rated and treasured copy of LOTR: return of the king, and the completely awful freedom fighters. yet following those is a urban gangster driving game that is possibly a gran tuismo 4 beater. This is need for speed underground, not for the slow!!!!

the latest title in the long running series has all the sports cars and high speed cop-races. This has a totally different approach to gran turismo 4, as it dosent have luxury cars such as pagani's and aston martins, and you wont have to spend the entire game playing smokey & the bandity. instead, they have been influenced from games like midnight club 2, and assembled a game based on illegal strret-racing. and it dosent disappoint.

many british peoples idea of illegal street racing is a few teens racing a vauxhall nova, while drinking cheap booze. yet thankfully, need for speed is different. very different. here you have everything from a fiesta or corsa to a nissan or an impreza. of course, your not going to get very far in a bad-standard golf, but then comes the beauty of it, you'll have to make heavy modifications. but jazzin your motor up is all very well, you have to win races.

need for speed consits of four different styles of racing: circuit, drag, drift, and of course, sprint! =The most common type is circuit, where you will race over several laps, whereas sprint, is a one lap race, speed takes over stammana.Drag is just what it says, drag! you need to learn shift lanes swiftly, as this is needed in the drift. everytime you race, you get prize money, depending on your difficulty level, as well as gadgets, cars, and tracks. gadgets include turbos, which can modify and update your vehicle by enhancingthese features. these gadgets are usually won if you are set a personal the game, driving isnt everything. you have to look the part as well.

it sounds a bit strange, but once you play the game you really do start to be addicted to it. you are helped by the stunning presenatation, as every little detail has stunning results. every part of it shinesbright with polish, most of all the graphics. while occasionally the cars look like they are coated with tinfoil and smeared with varnish, the look of the game is immaculate.

But, the best is yet to come. the most impressive part of the game is the gameplay. the physics of the cars are inch-perfect, and unlike many car games where it feels more like your drivin a tractor, the fantastic handling is just sublime. the gritty, well designed tracks go from insanely hard, to impossible turns, to straight line races, it really is brilliant.

overall, need for speed is easily the best game yet of 2004, it looks beautiful and drives like a dream!

I rate this product 10/10
Wed 04/02/04 at 19:11
Posts: 5,659
tis indeed a worthy purchase.
Tue 03/02/04 at 18:18
"Do you like haggis?"
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I think N.F.S Underground rules.It is a fantastic game.
Tue 03/02/04 at 18:12
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It's actually a pretty average game.
Tue 03/02/04 at 18:06
"aka memo aaka gayby"
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Biggie Little™ wrote:
> i'd like to see you do better.

Do you know that is literally the worst comeback for anything? How people fail to realise this is beyond me.

Think about it - if I write a crap review, does that actually make yours any less crap? No.

At least I have the ability to consistently use capital letters.
Mon 02/02/04 at 19:40
"  "
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I can't beleive how many times you've lied in your review... :0|
Mon 02/02/04 at 19:22
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right then, hope you enjoyed my review.
if you havent good NFS:U, buy it quickly
Mon 02/02/04 at 18:57
Posts: 5,659
i'd like to see you do better. go back to your notable forum, which is the only place i'll insult you, as this has nothing to do with arguments.
Mon 02/02/04 at 18:49
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
I doubt it too.
Actually wait, it's crap, so it'll probably win.
Mon 02/02/04 at 18:11
Posts: 5,659
i have posted it in the review section of the site, but i doubt ill win.
Mon 02/02/04 at 17:45
"Ghetto Fabulous"
Posts: 830
everywere out of stock for NFSU for GC
im weelll pi*sed

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