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"Woo Chelsea do it Again, Champions!"

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Thu 29/01/04 at 12:37
Posts: 8,818

Chelsea are set to continue their great youth team by throwin I mean purchasing Scott Parker for a fee believed to be over 12 Million!

I guess he'll warm the bench nicely next to Joe Cole.

Roman and Rainieri have 'built' a great team don't you think?
Tue 03/02/04 at 19:40
Posts: 4,345
Littlest Brother wrote:
> if built = bought with illegal money...
> ...then yeh

You've said that before. Uncle Roman is legit, and all his money is legal.
Fri 30/01/04 at 11:09
"Long time no see!"
Posts: 8,351
``There goes our future!´´

Scott Parker WAS one-of-a-kind. A die-hard, heart-on-his-sleeve kind of player who would do anything - even give his life - for his beloved Charlton Athletic (much like Alan Smith at Leeds). The one-man in a team you could depend on to carry you through any bad-patch you were stuck in... A dying-breed of footballer, today....
But then, he has to go and sign for Chelsea!

Chelski... The one-club I hate more than Arsénal. The club that is wrong for so-many reasons, thanks to Roman Abramovich. "Scott Parker this; Scott Parker that..." And, 6-months-down-the-line, it'll "Scott Who?" "Scott What?!"... `Scott NOTHING!´, as Abramovich continues to spend-and-spend, and the one-time potential England-regular falls into the land of non-existence, where Joe Cole will soon find himself, unless he leaves this disgrace of a football club!

I hope - no, I WISH - this was all some publicity stunt against Abramovich, and that in the press conference later this afternoon, Parker is to tear-up the ready laid-out contract offer and tell that money-mad oily Russian where he can stick his billions...!

That would really make my day! And, prove to me, once and for all, that there is still hope for decent, honest, hard-working British footballers to co-exist with the prima donas, in the future...

Didn't the Charlton chairman's "Get lost!" comments have any-affect??

I mean, what next... Alan Smith and Paulo Di Canion to sign in the summer??? I'm sure Charlton will be able to make good-use of the £10m though (if only there was more time...).

Oh, and Ranieri cannot add-up. He says they already have 14 top-class players; he wants 22. And that they "need another 7" to make that number... But, if you add 7 to 14, you get `21´ - one-SHORT of the number he said!

Idiot! Just like Abramovich, still thinking he can BUY his way to the top, after all that's gone wrong...! :P :@
Fri 30/01/04 at 08:59
Posts: 4,558
Its says on Sky Sports News, that Ranieri wants 7 more players for a squad of 22.

Thu 29/01/04 at 23:23
"An Evil Resident"
Posts: 933
down wrote:
> rabid wrote:
> I just hope all this spending (and there HAS been A LOT of it)
> sink Chelsea for good.
> hehe, genuine mistake 1st time around :P
> And second time round.

If you want to be pedantic...
Thu 29/01/04 at 22:26
Posts: 8,818
AfroJoe wrote:
> Leeds don't have a billionaire owner, and never did have.

Indeed, Leeds just spent a lot on players and comforts with money that was never really theirs. Then it all went balls up.

In a way Chelsea have done the same, because they haven't earnt the money they have spent by means of achieving, winning or using marketing extreames. Just fortunate to have someone buy them out and if he was to ever leave, Chelsea would be the next Leeds Utd.
Thu 29/01/04 at 18:33
"R.I.P Acestar"
Posts: 829
reply:Hi Dr Nick!
Thu 29/01/04 at 18:32
"R.I.P Acestar"
Posts: 829
stupid Chelsea fans mmmn...fgmggghghghghghhgr......Hi everybody!
Thu 29/01/04 at 18:12
"Spurs 1 - 0 Man Utd"
Posts: 5,235
if built = bought with illegal money...

...then yeh
Thu 29/01/04 at 17:39
Posts: 23,695
rabid wrote:
> If all this went t*ts up like it did at Leeds did then Chelsea wouldnt
> be able to dig themselves out, never say never in football... 3 years
> ago no-one would have thought Leeds could be on the brink on
> non-existance.

Leeds don't have a billionaire owner, and never did have.
Thu 29/01/04 at 17:16
Posts: 4,686
rabid wrote:
> I just hope all this spending (and theres been A LOT of it) *DOESN'T*
> sink Chelsea for good.
> hehe, genuine mistake 1st time around :P

And second time round.

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