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"Friends Movie?"

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Wed 14/01/04 at 17:59
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
I remember hearing the other day that there will undoubtedly be a friends film after series 10. IMO this could be quite good done right... but it all depends on how series 10 ends and when the film is set. SO what do you think. Friends movie, good or bad?
Fri 16/01/04 at 11:13
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
Auf deutsch wrote:
> Luckily I have it on video anyway, but they're playing a series one
> episode every day at 7:30 on C4.

I am also lucky to have the Full collection of Series 1 to 9 on DvD.... cost a fair few bob too!
Fri 16/01/04 at 07:35
Posts: 4,098
Heh Heh

Thu 15/01/04 at 22:19
"They Call Her 1 Eye"
Posts: 2,765
I was banned because of my post I wrote in General Chat:( I decided to test the new Warning system for all the members who get warned instead of banned. I wrote a post swearing, I copied in a review and wrote "I take full credit for this", I said I persecuted social and ethnic minorities on the forums and so on just to see what their limits where. You know? To see if they just ignored it, warned me or banned me. Lol guess they didn't take to kindly to my post. I'm too cute and lovable in a rebelious kind of way to be gotten rid off just by a simple banning ;) :D
Thu 15/01/04 at 21:52
Posts: 4,098
What the fu...?

Why's Cubist banned?

Anyhoo, the pilot episode was aired about two weeks ago on a monday at 7:30 in the mornin'

Luckily I have it on video anyway, but they're playing a series one episode every day at 7:30 on C4.
Thu 15/01/04 at 18:11
"Sex On Wheels"
Posts: 3,526
What about the pilot episode of friends? I heard they were airing it sometime but don't know when or where. Anyone know?
Thu 15/01/04 at 17:44
Posts: 4,098
Y'know, after Series 10, they're making a 'special' thanksgiving episode of Friends, which will supposedly be the last ever episode.

Until most of their careers fail and they'll do another...
Thu 15/01/04 at 09:49
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
Thu 15/01/04 at 03:35
Posts: 20,776
yeah, chances are they'll make it all sentimental and soppy, to round off the series, with lots of 'baring of feelings' and 'smoochy smoochy' even between the male characters. and no doubt that bint janice will be there somewhere.

no, no, NO
Thu 15/01/04 at 03:31
"Puerile Shagging"
Posts: 15,009
Friends movie = bad idea
Wed 14/01/04 at 23:46
Posts: 20,776
English_Bloke wrote:
> The one where Chandler buys Kathy’s present for Joe?
> Obsessive fan, me?

yeah, quality.

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