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"GAD is still going?"

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Wed 19/08/09 at 20:13
"That's right!"
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Out of personal boredom (I can't watch the Toon game so I'm getting online updates) I decided to google special reserve/game a day/freeola, and once again stumbled upon this place.

Sure has changed a lot in terms of the forums, but I thought this place had stopped dishing out prizes years ago?

Either way it's good to see I'm still on the GAD hall of fame, even though my last win was February 2004 (I chose Fight Night 2004... and yes, I do know when I won and what I picked all 25 times). I also won New Year's Day three years in a row, which I used to love bragging about... (and was gutted when I didn't win the fourth time).

If I'd known this place had still been giving away free stuff all this time I'd have come back sooner, I've been paying for games for over five years!

So, yeah, no big message or anything, just wondering who was still around and if anyone remembered MoJoJoJo, who was never made a notable (do we still have those?) despite his sheer brilliance (and modesty).
Sun 23/08/09 at 18:23
"You've upset me"
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Zing, Click Here
Sun 23/08/09 at 02:05
"Twenty quid."
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He's still a postie -- I think the stand-up was an "open mic night" thing. He can mostly be found on The Shiznit, Snuggly's and monkey_man's movie site.
Sat 22/08/09 at 12:16
"That's right!"
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Proves how long I've been away, last I heard of Goatboy he was talking about how he'd figured out women's mind games (not bad considering he was 45 when he cracked it) and was working as a postman.

Now you're saying he has a bird and gets paid to tell jokes? Madness!
Fri 21/08/09 at 21:48
"You've upset me"
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Think he got bored of us all. Last I knew his missus was pregnant & he was doing stand up
Fri 21/08/09 at 18:27
"That's right!"
Posts: 10,645
Timmargh - I'm not too bad, cheers. Been single since October and I'm *still* enjoying the simple things like being able to do what I want when I want to, it's a brave new world.

Stryke - good to see the bearded Welshman is still knocking about, as cynical as ever. And the answer is three.

RastaBillySkank - on a scale of 6-16 I'd say... a 10. Old age creeps up on all of us, being 25 means I have to actually exercise to stay trim, not like the old days.

Thanks to everyone else who said hi.

Is Goatboy still knocking around or did he finally die of old age/syphallis?
Thu 20/08/09 at 12:56
"You've upset me"
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Thu 20/08/09 at 12:54
Staff Moderator
"Freeola Ltd"
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None actually. Although I did get a sharp pain in my little finger whilst typing it spookily enough :S
Thu 20/08/09 at 12:25
"You've upset me"
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Warhunt wrote:
> Even a number of older users pop in every now and then, which is
> always pleasant.

Teehee, how much pain did that cause you to write eh?

Thu 20/08/09 at 11:06
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Good to see you on here again!
Thu 20/08/09 at 09:02
"possibly impossible"
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Did someone call? :)

Hi MoJoJoJo, good to see you've re-found the forums.

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