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"What's the meaning of life... ?"

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Fri 03/11/06 at 13:17
Posts: 33,481
Just an easy one to kick off the forum.

Any ideas?
Wed 29/11/06 at 19:48
Posts: 5,857
I believe the meaning of life, while not specifically to enjoy tor have fun, is to experience. We have a massive universe. Everything is there to be explored, and the bigger it is, the less said thing is meant to be explored if one cares for long life.

eg. We weren't meant to discover the entire World, like America, but something happened which made us curious about things (like this topic) and capible of thinking laterally, and asking "what if...". And it caused an endless desire to know, to understand. This desire pushed people to invent things which aren't naturally possible. Nothing since man's first few inventions (spear, wheel, shelter etc.) has ever been invented purely by hand. everything after a certain very early point relied on previously invented or discovered stuff to be invented itself. eg. No pen = no paper.

So we started inventing things which meant for new possibilities which wouldn't be naturally possible. Newer invention can do things which man can't, but man can still create them to do said thing. Hence came the boat, and hence America was discovered. First natural impossible conquered.

Then came flight, much much later, during WWI. Yes, there were more inventions before then, like the radio which was first thought to be impossible, but I don't really know about them. Then came the invention of the thinking machine, the computer. And also space flight. Leaving Earth so far has been our biggest conquer of the natural impossible. Next, who knows?

But we have a gigantic universe which needs exploring, abundant in life, energy, matter, antimatter, solids, liquids, gasses and abilities which have yet to be discovered and/or invented, and the meaning of life, as intelligent, lateral-thinking beings, is to know. That's it.
Wed 29/11/06 at 16:29
Posts: 19
The meaning of life is different for everyone. I do not think there is a pacific meaning. Just that we each have our own.
Wed 08/11/06 at 13:10
Posts: 3,522
Huh, what a waste of time.

No wait, that's it! - The meaning of life is to not waste time.
Wed 08/11/06 at 13:02
Posts: 3,522
Dare I try to answer this seriously ... oh may as well. It'll be wrong and flawed but..

One answer might be something like: the meaning of life is to see things clearly/purely without preconception or prejudice. To see what is for what it is not. In other words: to resist the temptation to attach meanings to things when they do not exist outside the human mind.

Tue 07/11/06 at 00:53
Posts: 380
I think for most of us our meanings are to have as much fun as possible and have no regrets at the end of the day, we are the lucky ones who have that choice though.

For other people just surviving is the main goal of their live and hoping to get a break sooner or later.
Mon 06/11/06 at 20:46
"all good things..."
Posts: 25
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose" - Robert Byrne.

I have to agree with that.
Sun 05/11/06 at 19:45
"I may return"
Posts: 4,854
Well, obviously, there is no proven reason, however like many of you have said, we all have different beliefs/theories, and here is my opinion:

I think that we are all just filling gaps, in someone's/something's imagination, kind of like a game on some of your spare time. This is my explanation, we are all going to die, just like in a game, at some point someone wins, leaving losers. However, in this particular game, new players join in, and defeat the original players. Eg: A baby comes into the world (new players), and many old people die (the current winners) becoming the new losers.
All of our moves in life are like rolling a die that you get, in board games, and some other types of games, there are six possiblities, although in life there aren't ormally that many. Eg: Getting a 6, after rolling, so you move six spaces, but you could have rolled, and got another number.
Also, in life, you sometimes don't have a choice, like getting a "Go back 3 spaces" card. Eg: Getting fired from a job, not a choice, of yours.

I could go on explaining how life is like a game, but I think I've made my point. Which is, my theory of the purpose of life is just that we are all in a game, a game that is just taking up someones spare time, and when they no longer have any spare time, the human race will be wiped out, in some kind of "natural disaster", the disaster being whatever the player(s) have time for. Eg: An unexplained explosion, if there is little time, or maybe even the Sun freezing over, like I said, however much spare time there is.
Sat 04/11/06 at 20:17
Posts: 9,995
Answer my question first.
Sat 04/11/06 at 17:16
Posts: 33,481
Why do you think there has to be only one?
Sat 04/11/06 at 16:32
Posts: 9,995
Why do you want there to be one?

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