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"Christmas Number one"

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Thu 18/12/03 at 13:12
"Back from the dead!"
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To me, it always seemed that the pop music industry could not get any worse, and I've posted before on how much I hate the manufactured money-churning kiddie-exploiting junk they call music, but yet again they have excelled themselves to new heights with the christmas number ones lineup.

This'll probably get the number one slot. Everyone loves them at the minute, and it's got sleighbells in, so it has to be a hit.

Proper Chrim-Bo.
Havent heard this one yet, am keeping my eye out on the music channels for it before I make my verdict.

Cheeky girls - have a cheeky christmas.
WHAT THE F*** IS THIS!!!!!! These two useless, talentless saps with nothing more than a pair of matching shiny hotpants to sell records are still making money? This song is the dreggs of manufactured a*se.

Pop rival contenders - war is over thing.
How anyone could release a song saying that the war is over when the war isnt at all over and British troops are still out there is beyond me, but to make it that bit more 'pop-classy', it's been done by a bunch pf people that arent even pop stars, but a bunch of kids on a reality tv show that noone gives a toss about anyway. Also spot the underage kids in the video - have the judges not noticed?

Christmas is all around.
Utter w**k. Whoever came up with this idea lost their only brain cell when they last cut their toenails. Even on the video the guy who sings it says that the song is rubbish. Note the fractionally different chord changes to aviod paying WWWet any money on royalties, and not only using the gag of getting girls in bikinis on the video to make men watch it, but saying it too.

Gareth gates - another pile of junk.
This isnt even a christmas song! It doesnt even have any sleighbells in it!!!! Well done pop world by still making the money out of this whimpering chimp, who now has his hair done at Vileida, but if you want christmas number 1 you're gonna at least have to have sleighbells.

Whoever those birds are that are doing 'Jump for my love'
Why this warranted a cover is anyones guess... oh yes - they dont have the ability to write their own songs, and they want a fast buck. They could have at least tried to make it sound like a new song, instead of taking the old one, raising the volume of the bass drum, and then getting some bontempi organ wheezing for a bridge.

It used to make me mad. It ued to make me so angry that I felt like I would not be committing a crime by killing Pete ("If one true pile doesnt make number one i'll give up the pop industry" - LIAR!!!) Waterman and Simon ("If i get in on the video and play the sleighbells, I'll get royalties too") Cowell, but not any more. It used to make me think that the pop industry had really hit the bottom this time, and that the kids would realise what mugs they are being by buying this manufactured pap, they would stop buying stuff, and the pop world would have to start writing credible music to gain it's audience back.

But it isnt going to happen. They will keep finding new nobodies, give them a weak song, and then when the kids get bored of them, they'll get another pop-wannabe and do the same over again, while the original nobodies go back to flipping burgers. Kids will keep buying it, as at the age of 5 (where the market is now aimed) they don't know any better, and next christmas we'll have even more seasonal guff, even more reworked cheddar and even more sub-average songs with sleighbells in.

I hope that the cheeky girls get christmas number one. It'll be the angel on the cheesiest tree yet.
Sat 20/12/03 at 18:23
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Sat 20/12/03 at 17:56
"Sex On Wheels"
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And you said it first heh :D
Sat 20/12/03 at 17:50
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Cubist said it all

Sat 20/12/03 at 17:28
"Sex On Wheels"
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I agree that Mad World is too much of a downer for christmas number one. The Darkness is more fun and upbeat. In general I prefer mad world but for christmas number 1 I'm backing The Darkness.
Sat 20/12/03 at 16:01
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Darkness is a fun song for christmas.

Mad World is a reflection of the year gone by.

Pop Idols will slowly fade away to nothing.
Sat 20/12/03 at 15:59
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Aparently there's not much between Gary Jules and the Darkness at the moment, but currently the Darkness is slightly ahead

Mad World is a great song, but a bit of a depressing Christmas Number 1 anyway...
Sat 20/12/03 at 15:29
"previously phuzzy."
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Mad World should be number one.

And thats all I have to say about that.
Sat 20/12/03 at 15:23
"Twenty quid."
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Cyclone wrote:
> What, like that chugger that is 'so different' on Pop Idol

I don't watch it so I have no idea who the "chugger" is.
Sat 20/12/03 at 15:22
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
What, like that chugger that is 'so different' on Pop Idol (DO PEOPLE EVNE WATCH IT ANYMORE?!!'


Sat 20/12/03 at 15:20
"Twenty quid."
Posts: 11,452
phi11ip wrote:
> You all moan about The Darkness and how you hate them, but you'd
> rather have them than more pop idols wouldn't you...

Ooh, tough choice.

If you choose "more pop idols" then at least there's a chance it'll be a girl with nice boobs ...

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