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"Looking back..."

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Thu 30/10/03 at 21:03
Posts: 11,652
Remember any special moments or big things over the years on SR?
Like last week there was that name colour change thing.
English_bloke saying how he was thinking of joing the police force, now he is in training to be a copper.

Any memorable moments on SR that you remember?
Fri 31/10/03 at 16:08
Posts: 20,776
Mystique wrote:
> See, you're a true old schooler if you remember how my username used
> to look like.

did it used to say 'Mish Teek' until you found out how it was really spelt, and you changed it quick, hoping no-one would notice. that's how it was I bet - hahaha, you spacka, your secret's out now.

*points and sniggers*
Fri 31/10/03 at 14:08
Posts: 10,437
Mystique wrote:
> Phhhft non of you are true old schoolers.
> You make me sick.
> See, you're a true old schooler if you remember how my username used
> to look like. And other stuff but I'm too tired to fini

Fri 31/10/03 at 13:57
Posts: 21,800
Special moments on a chat forum?

Oh yeah, I remember that time that person typed that word and it was like really amazing and I was like DUDE, that's one hell of a font you got there, some crazy ass typing man.

Me think it's time some people got out a bit more often.
Fri 31/10/03 at 12:59
"no longer El Blokey"
Posts: 4,471
]-[M B L!!D wrote:
> Ich hbe deine Katze Bumsen, es war nicht einer Gute Idee!

no capital B or for bumsen.

no capital G for gute.
Fri 31/10/03 at 12:53
"the burning sky"
Posts: 4,984
Ich hbe deine Katze Bumsen, es war nicht einer Gute Idee!
Fri 31/10/03 at 12:48
Posts: 9,631
KR wrote:
> cooooldude2001




*hangs head*

It was just cooooldude.

I put the 2001 on the end because my other account got removed. I wouldn't be surprised if i was banned actually but i can't remember.
Fri 31/10/03 at 12:47
"no longer El Blokey"
Posts: 4,471
Gestern habe ich deine Katze gegessen. Sie war Lecker!
Fri 31/10/03 at 11:31
Posts: 11,652
Lets start again seems an idiot ruined it.
Thu 30/10/03 at 23:06
Posts: 11,652
Why must you ruin my topic?
Thu 30/10/03 at 22:58
Posts: 23,218
Tut Tut potty mouth.

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