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Thu 30/10/03 at 12:22
Posts: 23
well who thinks its good who thinks its bad and who thinks sr have over priced it.

i think its good because it has everything i would want.
the sr over price thing is because i have found it for 160 on orange pay as you go.
and 204 sim free
so lets have your views please
Fri 31/10/03 at 13:36
Posts: 14,437
I got a Zen player - much cheaper than an iPod and just as good, only not as good looking.

Heh, it's a good job I got paid today and not earlier - I was about to buy my sister an N-Gage for her birthday and now realise it really is as toss as you say. I played Pandemonium a couple of weeks ago, 5 seconds later I left.

What do you think of the GP32? A bit on the large side but pretty damn functional - and it uses SMC's too!
Fri 31/10/03 at 13:27
"Chavez, just hush.."
Posts: 11,080
I played one in SR, (plus they've got Gamecube pods now!) it looked quite poo to be honest.

Plus 64mb for an MP3 player is poor, you'll have to spend 100 extra to get a decent memory size...

Use your current phone, buy a ZEN and get a GBA. Far better value for money.
Fri 31/10/03 at 00:00
Posts: 3,505
i see he found the paste shortcut, is IQ is above 3
Thu 30/10/03 at 23:43
"Here to help"
Posts: 10
Thu 30/10/03 at 18:04
Posts: 23,695
If you want to look like a complete and utter knobhead while phoning someone, want to play with the poorest controls that ever existed and also want to completely dismantle your console every time you want to change the game you're playing, then the N-Gage is just for you!
Thu 30/10/03 at 16:59
"aka memo aaka gayby"
Posts: 11,948
Bleh. 64mb is rubbish. And MMC cards are more expensive than SmartMedia or Compact Flash too.
Thu 30/10/03 at 16:57
Posts: 23
lol but they aint got an mp3 have they p.s i have a gba and a phone
Thu 30/10/03 at 16:56
Posts: 3,937
Why don't you just buy a GBA AND a mobile phone. It's cheaper.

Thu 30/10/03 at 16:54
Posts: 23
yeah they also run of mmc you put it in and conect it to your pc and it saves it on them mmc cards are used for everything on it
Thu 30/10/03 at 16:47
"Taste My Pain"
Posts: 879
For the MP3 player I mean.

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