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"Gay Clergy"

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Wed 15/10/03 at 20:36
Posts: 9,629
In light of the Anglican Church's recent meeting I think a debate is in order (preferably a civilised one with no name-calling)

Should there be gay priests, bishops etc in the Church?

Your opinions please.
Fri 24/10/03 at 15:37
"Sex On Wheels"
Posts: 3,526
A man of god is a man of god end of discussion. Just because they are sexually orientated in a different way does not mean they are any less devoted or capable. The bible can be interpreted in many different ways and there are so many religions that all say God loves everyone no matter what so I believe that it doesn't matter whether they are homosexual or not they are still good people who wish to devote their lives to being members of the clergy.
Wed 22/10/03 at 20:26
"Proffesional Eejit."
Posts: 1,631
Unfortunately, this probably won't tarnish the church to the public in the least, despite being incredibly pig-minded.
Wed 22/10/03 at 19:08
"Best Price @ GAME :"
Posts: 3,812
Well Lindgren, I'll give my theoretical realistic resolution to that situation.

Church pressures said person to resign/step down/accept posting in Antarctica, said person then makes statement along the lines of "For the good of the Church yadda yadda yadda I'm going"
Wed 22/10/03 at 19:03
Posts: 9,629
UrkiE-UK wrote:
> *referring to topic*
> oh, a gay clergyman, whatever shall we doooo.....
> *dies*

If you're not going to add something constructive to the debate Urkie, then don't bother replying at all. It's not worth your while.

Another Q to everyone:

So what do you think should happen then if someone has been admitted to the clergy, unknown to anyone that they are gay, and years later admits they are gay? What do you feel would be the right approach in this situation?
Tue 21/10/03 at 20:59
Posts: 11,652
Yes i think that gay people should be able to be priests or Bishops. It does not matter i don't think, they should be able to do anything.
But then again i think the church has rules about a man and a woman having a baby because it is the right thing or something.

Im not too good at religion.
Tue 21/10/03 at 20:46
Posts: 2,774
*referring to topic*

oh, a gay clergyman, whatever shall we doooo.....

Tue 21/10/03 at 18:26
"possibly impossible"
Posts: 24,985
Light wrote:
> Sounds like Erich von Danekan

You've heard of the new themepark, I take it? Very corny it will be too. Gives me another chance to bring up the ever interesting Nazca lines, which are now being eroded by stupid truck drivers trying to avoid road tolls by going through short cuts across the Nazca pictures.

Tue 21/10/03 at 12:58
Posts: 11,024
It always makes me laugh when the issue of gay vicars/priests comes up. Last time it was all over the news, there was an ex-vicar on Radio 4, who said that whether you believe gay clergy should be allowed depends on whether you go by the Bible or not - what else have you got to go by!? The Bible is the only thing to go by, there shouldn't be any debate at all. Either it says no, or it says yes. Most likely, it says nothing at all, in which case it shouldn't concern anyone, but doubtless they'll do the old "find an irrelevant analogy that works" trick.
Tue 21/10/03 at 12:02
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
pb wrote:
> oh, and Monkey_man, I'd be interested to hear more about that
> documentary, the beginnings of organised religion interest me.
> Certainly many religions are linked together and split at the point
> where one person has an arguement and decides to 'do their own
> thing'.

It was very interesting, actually stayed up a few extra hours to watch a repeat of it. It was on BBC3 a few months ago, and I think I made a longer post with all the main points, although I did try to find it and couldn't.

It was basically saying that Christianity was an offshoot of another religion (y'know, the one with the Dalia Lama - blimey I'm thick today!), and it was adopted as an entirely new religion, although when compared they have almost identical rules, fables, histories, etc... The Magi being monks who would search for the Dalai, etc...

I'll look out for when it's on again. In fact, I'm gonna search google for it right now.
Tue 21/10/03 at 11:52
"Wanking Mong"
Posts: 4,884
Black Glove wrote:
> Notorious Biggles wrote:
> Genesis 1:27 says "God created man in his image".
> I read somewhere that the correct translation from the Hebrew is:
> "Gods created man in their own image" - which if true,
> conjures all sorts of ancient extraterrestrial visitation images.

Sounds like Erich von Danekan and his Chariot of the Gods theories. Which are very attractive, but his research is flawed (like many who research something to do with religion, he was biased cos he looked only for evidence which supported his theory and ignored any that did not).

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