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"Stars Catalogue update"

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Wed 25/05/05 at 20:55
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Not much left now..apart from:

Gamecube (black) 9000 Stars
Starfox Assult Poster 1500 stars
Pac-Pix pencil stylus (got me one of these) 1500 stars
Yoshi's Universal Gravitation GBA SP game 4000 Stars

They did have DS's/GBA-SP's and Star Fox Assult game earlier apparnently :(
Sat 23/07/05 at 14:42
Posts: 15,681
There were no non-downloadable gifts available when I replied in here last. They were available for a very short time.
Sat 23/07/05 at 02:15
Posts: 18,185
Rai wrote:
> 'Ages' being about four and a half minutes?

24 hours or just under i believe.
Fri 22/07/05 at 22:38
"In Soviet Russia..."
Posts: 3,934
'Ages' being about four and a half minutes?
Fri 22/07/05 at 18:28
Posts: 18,185
Colleseum (sp?) games were on there for ages.

Also got one of those new Nintendo wallpapers that they just put up there.

They're brilliant!
Thu 21/07/05 at 23:11
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Okay next time they really need to put a higher quantity of each product on, because all the ones i want are already gone by the time i get onto it and im always left with the games that ive already got... another solution would be to put a bigger range of products on each time. Please Nintendo...
Thu 21/07/05 at 22:32
Posts: 15,681
I must've blinked...

I hope Nintendo allow me to spend my stars...

Or hope enough people give up and leave all the good stuff for me :P

The trouble is...some of us work and don't have the time to click refresh every other second on in the hope that they'll update the catalogue with a small quantity of things.
Thu 21/07/05 at 17:13
Posts: 9,995
Your lil brother is lucky. I treat mine like rubbish. For example, tommorow I am going to trade his pirate copy of madagascar for something we can both enjoy Amytilles of horro or something like that. I really am the best. Though I did steal a guy in my schools gba sp and pokemon saphire.
Thu 21/07/05 at 16:41
Posts: 18,185
Shame, I'd have liked to have got my little brother a copy of ruby. But I picked up a copy of Colleseum instead. As it is one of those games that tempted me but I never got.
Thu 21/07/05 at 15:13
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300 Pokémon Colosseum Caps
300 Pokémon Colosseum Wallets
100 Pokémon Colosseum GameCube games
50 copies of Pokémon Box
20 Pokemon Colosseum GameCube Bundles
50 Pokémon Ruby games
50 Pokémon Sapphire games.

Updated yesterday night I think, there are still some caps, wallets, Colosseum games and Box games if you like your Pokémon.
Sun 19/06/05 at 13:59
Posts: 7,741
Super Mario Bros. DS out end of the year I think.

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