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"£1000 in one day"

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Mon 15/09/03 at 20:17
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Yup, that's my b'day pressie.

I have to spend £1000 in one day and produce all the recipts to my parents as proof.

The wonkers know how I'm like with money. I just can't spend.. I always put my money in the bank until I need it.


I will buy an iPod but after that I'm stuck. I need a lot of help here.

Monday 2nd November will be the day... the day on which I descend onto Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre to spend £1000.

Go me.
Wed 05/11/03 at 08:57
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HálloHowArtThou wrote:
> *collapses*

*collapses too*

Christ on bikes. That picture started to make me feel ill.
Wed 05/11/03 at 08:55
"Taste My Pain"
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I don;t drive.
Tue 04/11/03 at 22:42
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surley a bit of that goes to fixing your car?
Tue 04/11/03 at 22:42
"Taste My Pain"
Posts: 879
I would be jealous, but I just got an offer to settle my insurance claim at £3,050. But I'm holding out for £4,250.

Weep, maggots.
Tue 04/11/03 at 22:36
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Tue 04/11/03 at 16:46
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i know it is too late but if i was you i would have bought loads and loads of stuff from wholesalers and sell em on ebay or something, you whould then have about £2500 depending on what you sell to put in the trusted bank! then you will get interest. yey!
Tue 04/11/03 at 01:21
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In the bank?
Mon 03/11/03 at 23:15
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AfroJoe wrote:
> Oh, and how did the spendage go?

It hasn't gone yet...
Mon 03/11/03 at 21:15
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A heaven of banned-ness.


Oh, and how did the spendage go?
Mon 03/11/03 at 21:10
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Pop for Ms NY.

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