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"Some great acts playing at my Freshers Week"

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Tue 09/09/03 at 11:49
Posts: 23,284
The Proclaimers - 500 miles ba ba da da
Mark Owen - 4 minute warning, listen to your stereo
Alan McGee - I feel like I should kwow him
Snow Patrol - I know one of there songs and they're Irish OOhhhooohhhooh
Speedway - Crappy Scottish Christina Agualairiea cover band
Span - Er
Astrid - Er

Sat 20/09/03 at 02:12
"I love yo... lamp."
Posts: 19,577
Span are OK. Supported Nickelback at the SECC last year. My mate knows Snow Patrol. Not sure how, but she does.
Wed 10/09/03 at 10:44
Posts: 18,185
And I would walk 500 miles and a I would walk 500 more.

Wed 10/09/03 at 00:48
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
The proclaimers were on TOTP2 yesterday (tuesday). You cant help but sing along to 500 miles, unless of course you dont know the words, but a half mumble should see you through.

I dont know who we had, i never looked.
Wed 10/09/03 at 00:47
"I'm Great."
Posts: 2,917
Sweet. I was told thatI looked like one of the dudes out of Funeral for a friend when my hair was a bit longer. Their Welsh too so that's a good thing in my book. I want to go to Uni just for a Fresher week now.
Wed 10/09/03 at 00:44
Posts: 18,185
I got Funeral for a friend :D
Tue 09/09/03 at 16:23
"Darth Vader 3442321"
Posts: 4,031
SHEEPY wrote:
> I doubt my girlfriend will be happy with that Saggy
> " Errr I'm just going to stay in this person's room "
> Or I could say I passed out at Glasgow Central

Yeah girlfriend right, that'll be the lady in the photo you were with that I saw the other day on this site, I'm ahem a cad eh? Trying to lead you astray like a sheep in a flock who is no longer in the flock but astray, flockless and sheepy.
Tue 09/09/03 at 16:13
"I'm Great."
Posts: 2,917
er-no wrote:
> I've got Goldfinger and a couple more wicked bands. Cannot remember
> names though :D

Sounds like you got the best so far. Goldfinger are pretty good too.
Tue 09/09/03 at 15:55
"say hello to parsle"
Posts: 522
Snow Patrol and The Bluetones sounds alright to me. I received a package through the post about all the events going off during my freshers week, and from what I gathered there're no bands as such, just a DJ called 'Indie Kid' (oof!), a pub crawl called 'Down the Piste' (arg!), and an 'alternative' comedy evening (ulp!). Oh well...
Tue 09/09/03 at 14:47
Posts: 18,185
The Proclaimers rule.
Tue 09/09/03 at 13:41
Posts: 16,548
York have no-one. NO-ONE. We do have some exquisite Viking and Roman mueseums though. Much better. Eh?

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