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"15" TFT equivalent to 17" CRT?"

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Sat 30/08/03 at 17:02
Posts: 1,294
I've recently been looking at some TFT monitors, i currently have a 17" CRT monitor and am wanting to upgrade to a 17" TFT monitor. When lookin on SR it says that a 15" TFT is equal to a 17" CRT monitor, is this true?
Mon 01/09/03 at 00:28
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
Actually Alan you only have 84,992 pixels less than me. I'd prefer your display I think, but y'know, that cost more all my computers would do today put together.
Sun 31/08/03 at 23:33
"l33t cs50r"
Posts: 2,956
cookie monster wrote:
> Im using an L1710B as well.

Absolutely awesome TFT's. Getting really good write ups too!
Sun 31/08/03 at 23:17
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
Im using an L1710B as well.
Sun 31/08/03 at 22:24
"l33t cs50r"
Posts: 2,956
Turbonutter wrote:
> Yeah a decent quality TFT is always going to be better than a CRT but
> I'd need quite a lot of money to afford a TFT which does the same
> resolution as my CRTs without masses of lag.
> In fact I'm not even sure if that's true.. when you talk TFT money,
> CRTs become extremely, extremely good.

Although I still slightly off Robs resolution (2560 x 1024) I'm quite happy with my TFT Twins: Both 17" LG L1710B's. Response time of 16ms which makes it great for gaming, and awesome colour management. Though I have to agree with rob on cost... My set up would cost just short of 800, you could do the same in CRT's for about a thrid of the cost.
Sun 31/08/03 at 12:59
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
Of course it's not essential but it's bloody useful and if I'm buying something I want to use every day I'm going to have it.

From here I can monitor my Internet connection, winamp, irc, a couple of MSN conversations, my last 4 E-mails, the status of all my disk drives and of course, my web browser, all without altering a single thing. With X-Mouse I can even do most of it without having to raise the window. It's not essential but it's bloody efficient.
Sun 31/08/03 at 12:53
"Psytrance junkie"
Posts: 4,114
If "Desktop Realestate" is anything, it's just incredibly poncy =P This is why why have alt/tab, taskbars and virtual desktops, it's really very rarely essential for you to be able to see every app you're running simeltaneously.
Sun 31/08/03 at 11:39
"Eff, you see, kay?"
Posts: 14,156
fii[oV] wrote:
> Rob, to you any monitor that doesn't do 1600x1200 at 85hz is crap.

Now that's not true. This monitor does 75Hz.

But yes I do want a decent resolution from my monitor, especially when paying a lot of money for it. Desktop realestate is incredibly valuable, especially when you get used to it. I will never buy another monitor that does less than 1600.

Even with that argument aside, you still pay a lot more with TFTs. I still hold the opinion that a TFT is worth getting if you can pay a bit of money for it.
Sun 31/08/03 at 01:46
"programmers rule!"
Posts: 16
TFT's have a much lower frame refresh rate than CRT's. if you want space then get a slimline CRT.
Sun 31/08/03 at 01:40
"How Handy."
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TFTs are excellent, even this cheap one is much nicer to use than any CRT I've come across. Really. For 260 you can now get a nice 17" with a 16ms response time. Maximum res are smaller for TFTs than CRTs, but then I think 1280 is about perfect on a 17", anything higher and your squinting to read stuff..
Sun 31/08/03 at 01:05
"Psytrance junkie"
Posts: 4,114
Rob, to you any monitor that doesn't do 1600x1200 at 85hz is crap. A TFT is perfect in many situations, I'd love to have one both for the amount of desk space I could clear by getting rid of this 19" beast and for the ease of carrying it around ot LAN parties. Ghosting etc is made a much bigger issue than it really is nowadays, it's becoming less and less of a valid argument against them - yes, you do pay more, but for the money you get desk space, ease of transportation, excellent IQ (brilliant with DVI) and it looks a damn sight more sexy than a big grey box.

Looking at a few monitor specs, viewable size of a 17" seems to be between 15.7 and 16, making a 15" tft a fairly viable alternative.

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