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"I often wipe my ears with my boxer shorts...."

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Wed 20/08/03 at 22:36
Posts: 787
Think about it. We all do things we don't even think about. Automatically - One of the first things I do when I get out the shower is get dry, and go to put on some underwear. But before putting them on, I often wipe my ears dry with them. Nobody likes wet ears. Luckily - my ears are surprisingly unwaxy, so no problems there, but im sure some of you are planning your ridiculling posts this very second.

Gross? Mayby. But I bet you do. Or at least somthing else equally automatically and weird. Somthing you do without even thinking about it. So what is is?

P.S. STOP what your doing right now - look where your hands are? By your side? On your keyboard? Scratching your nose? I bet that was automatic too wasnt it...
Thu 21/08/03 at 12:13
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599
The answer is 3.14
Thu 21/08/03 at 12:12
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
Posts: 1,456
So...who is Matt and y wud he bend?
Thu 21/08/03 at 11:37
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599
you have a cloth in your hand and you don't want to reach for the's convinient
Thu 21/08/03 at 11:36
Posts: 21,800
Why don't you just use a towel....and why are you telling us?
Thu 21/08/03 at 10:22
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599
I do the same.

I even do that to my portable phone...
Thu 21/08/03 at 09:24
Posts: 2,731
I slide the battery compartment cover on and off remote controls.
Thu 21/08/03 at 07:55
"sweats salad dressi"
Posts: 4,599
This topic is genius.

I find myself sometimes cleaning my ears and other parts of my body when they weren't dried enough. I think it's because I don't feel like reaching for the towel again.

When I have an itch on the back of my left ear I often reach around my head with my right hand to scratch it. It doesn't feel wrong when you do it but it looks bazare.

Sometimes I find myself picking my nose in public or myself for no reason. No itch. No pesky buggger. And when I pick my nose in public for no reason I do it without any shame. I'm not afraid if someone would look at me. But when I actually have an itch or ect., I often do it in secret and get somewhat embarresed if someone catches me.

Anyone share these somewhat problems?
Thu 21/08/03 at 02:01
"+34 Intellect"
Posts: 21,334
I eat spark plugs.
Thu 21/08/03 at 01:59
Posts: 7,037
I also wipe my ears with my boxers.
It's a common thing, just not many people like to admit to it.
I admit.
Thu 21/08/03 at 01:02
"Mi/\\/dfrig Naked"
Posts: 1,456
i'djerrud wrote:
> Matt I didn't know you could bend that much.

im lost..who is Matt..why wud he bend?

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