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"Backups! Data, Music, Photos - Back it up!"

Tue 07/04/09 at 16:30
"Are you sure?"
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Backups - Free backup software


When you lose your data due to a hard drive failure or corruption or your PC has died on you - it's painful, costly and inconvenient!

All that work, those photos, music tracks, iTune downloads, emails, documents, address books, etc. etc. all gone... :(

An HDD failure is not 'if' it is 'when'!

It may be 6 months or 10 years, but it WILL fail. Platters spinning at up to 10,000 rpm with magnetic heads only microns away...

If the hard drive doesn't fail maybe your PC will crash or fail to start, leaving you without access to your valuable data.

Like a break in, most people only do something about it after experiencing the pain.

With a couple of clicks it could all be taken care of.

I've mentioned it before (back in 2007) but thought after seeing people having related problems over in the General Chat forum it was worth another mention.

SyncBack, I can't recommend this backup software highly enough - the free version is all most people need:

It can take full or incremental backups to external drives / networked PCs / flash drives / via FTP/ can be scheduled or run manually / can send email alerts and logs / you can filter files in or out, etc. etc. more options than most people will ever need!

It also doesn't change the format or compress your data so you can easily read, use and check your data backups are actually working! This is quite important, as many backup utilities create files that you can't actually read unless you perform a restore. Then you can find out too late you weren't backing up all your files.

The software was written by a chap from Coventry University - see their website for more details if your are interested.

I run SyncBack daily, backing up my data to an external HDD and other PCs on my network - all with a couple of clicks!

Keep taking the backups!...

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Mon 15/05/17 at 09:46
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Seems like a good time to *bump* this thread!

Note my last update and the ransomware reference - don't leave all your backup devices connected...

Fri 29/04/16 at 17:01
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Another update on my Syncback thread...

I've had a client lose 'the lot' (PC and external drive) due to an electrical storm. I've also seen problems (another client...) when a dishwasher took the house electrics out along with 2 PCs and an external drive which was rather unlucky.

So to avoid getting caught like this I don't leave my external backup drive switched on. It only gets switched on when I'm backing up. Squirting data to a few different destinations also helps - I like backups if you hadn't noticed...

Not having the external drive switched on and accessible also safeguards the data from being messed with by malware. There are numerous 'ransomware' viruses around that would encrypt the data if it can access it.

Lately I've started recommending portable USB drives. These don't have a power supply. So just plug the USB lead in, run Syncback and return to drive to a nearby drawer etc.
I've just bought another today. 1TB for 45 on Amazon.

Tue 27/01/15 at 17:51
"Are you sure?"
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Hmmm... wrote:
Keep taking the backups!

Talking about backups - I thought this was a good time to bump this old thread :)

Since I wrote this the FREE version of SyncBack has been improved and is even better! There are also more advanced paid for versions.
and no I don't have shares!

Removed references to Freeola's online backup service which has been withdrawn.

I'm literally just backing up today's work using SyncBack before I call it a day and have my dinner!


Post edited by Hmmm... on 15/05/2017 at 09:48.
Fri 24/04/09 at 08:56
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McLong wrote:
> Good post Hmmm..., congrats on the win. But you lose points for
> the thread title not being 'Back it up, Back it in...'
>'s Friday & it's early...

It's never too early on a Friday for some House of Pain.
Fri 24/04/09 at 08:40
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Good post Hmmm..., congrats on the win. But you lose points for the thread title not being 'Back it up, Back it in...''s Friday & it's early...
Wed 08/04/09 at 11:45
"Are you sure?"
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Glad you liked it :)

As I mentioned it really is a flexible application.
One of the many nice features is the way you set up 'profiles'.

This means you can setup a profile to backup all your data to one destination and also have other profiles sending data to other places.
I've got profiles that just send my 'IE Favourites' to other PCs for example, and others that just send my emails.

...and I forgot to mention another important part - 'synchronisation'. That's why it's called SyncBack (Synchronisation and Backup!).

This means you can work on files on a memory stick and/or a PC - then run a profile to 'synchronise' the data between the two locations.

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Wed 08/04/09 at 09:53
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Yeah.. my HDD failed once and I lost ALL of my music and pictures... everything!

This was a few years ago now, but ever since, I have always tried to back things up. I have two 250GB HDDs now and use that to back up my important stuff.

Which reminds me.. I need another 500 soon..

Thanks for telling us of this software Hmmm...
Wed 08/04/09 at 09:48
"The Killer Techie"
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Nice article hmm..., and so very correct. Can't say I've ever lost a large amount of data myself, however have experienced other people losing a huge amount of data before, think this has made me a bit obsessive about backing data up.

Added to best of the forums :)
Wed 08/04/09 at 09:41
"Are you sure?"
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Hi pb,
Yep, works fine with Vista.

I haven't any experience using a third-party online backup system. I prefer to be in total control of all my data!

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Tue 07/04/09 at 21:47
"possibly impossible"
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Does it work with Vista?

It's an interesting looking piece of software, seems more comprehensive than some of the free software you get with an external hard drive these days anyway.

What about backing up to a dedicated backup site? It seems to be more common with many sites providing storage solutions online but I'm not really sure how good or secure it is.

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