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"Anyone listen to Tim Westwoods Rap Show yesterday? (Read if Em, 50 cent fan)"

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Sun 22/06/03 at 09:04
Posts: 787
Don't know wether you heard the show last night but it was excellent there was a freestyle from Xzibit, interviews with 50 Cent + Eminem (back stage at Anger Management Tour UK in Milton Keynes) + Obie Trice tracks finally played which were "My Club" and "Conspiracy" taken from his debut album "Cheers" which will have 17 tracks + bonus his album isn't out til September 15 In UK.

PS: There was also a couple of tracks played by Eminems recent signed rap artists "Greenlantern" D12'S next album is out October + there was a exclusive Eminem freestyle of 50 Cents W*nksta. Theres a lot of great stuff to come out of Shady Records yet, Dr Dre is working on his next album as we speak.
Mon 23/06/03 at 12:24
"...Unicef pennies.."
Posts: 639
Autolocked69 wrote:
> Dre is susposed to be a doing a surprise performance, not sure
> whether 50 Cent is there or not but I bet he'll
> turn up.

50 cent was there on saturday, but Dre wasn't.
Sun 22/06/03 at 22:05
"AKA 2PacForever306"
Posts: 186
Most of the backstage stuff was good over the weekend, but apart from the Eminem interview today everything else today was poor, I was right about Greenlantern as well Eminem confirmed their signed on his label.
Sun 22/06/03 at 20:28
Posts: 21,800
But in the original post you said it was excellent...make ya mind up why don't ya
Sun 22/06/03 at 19:50
"AKA 2PacForever306"
Posts: 186
That DJ Green Lantern I got confused on that one. The so called Eminem Live on Radio 1 today (started at 2) was ******* poor 3 hours of bs just basically rubbing it in for those who couldn't get hold of tickets I was hoping for some live performances last night, but instead we have to listen to crap from security guards and the event managers about the tour how lame. What a waste of time listening. That Xzibit freestyle was good though.
Sun 22/06/03 at 19:42
"AKA 2PacForever306"
Posts: 186
Obie Trice and 50 Cent are good rap artists, D12 are also good but haven't released anything in months and haven't really blown up like 50 has, however I believe their releasing their new album in October. Eminem produced some great production on 50's Get Rich Or Die Tryin album, he done "Paicently Waiting" and "Don't Push me" - featuring Lylod Banks. Many diss 50's album and a lot thought it was the **** I agree that It is a great album. Obie Trices'album debut"Cheers" is looking to be good have to wait til mid September to hear wether it good or not.
Sun 22/06/03 at 19:34
Posts: 4,199
I heard it and thought it was terrible. The interview was so pointless nothing, was said that I didn't know before the interview even started. Very poor. The Xzibit freestyle was the only thing worth listening to.

And autolocked69, DJ Green Lantern is Eminems DJ....not a new artist.
Sun 22/06/03 at 19:28
Posts: 10,759
Shady Records is not that great.

Admittedly Eminem is releasing some down-to-earth stuff, which is surprisingly good. But the whole 'look at them, they are nawty' thing has worn off.
Sun 22/06/03 at 19:26
"AKA 2PacForever306"
Posts: 186
gerrid your friends are dawn lucky, I guess theres next year this time I WILL get a ticket also 50 Cent and GGGGG UNIT! are coming over to UK in November.
Sun 22/06/03 at 19:20
"bit of a brain"
Posts: 18,933
Some of my friends are there in Milton Keynes right now. I would have gone but the only ticket I could have got would have cost 50 which I didn't have.
Would have loved to go though.
Sun 22/06/03 at 19:18
"AKA 2PacForever306"
Posts: 186
Obie Trice is the next big thing, to come out of Shady Records.

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