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"Who's that walking down the (Google) street?"

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Fri 20/03/09 at 14:12
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Street views removed after complaints

So Google have this nice new idea for Google Maps, where you can view a street (if you happen to be looking at the few streets actually available, that is) and it's all quite good really, especially if you're trying to find somewhere and want to visualise it.

However, as always, the silly brigade come along and say 'ooh, there's a pic of me going in to an Adult shop' or 'oooh, I'm getting arrested for doing something naughty' and complain.

Well, boohoo. You're doing something you're ashamed of? Well maybe there's a lesson there for you? Honestly, this type of excuse for 'privacy protection' is pretty much for those who shouldn't be doing what they're doing anyway.

Which reminds me of a related story from today. This couple and their benefit fuelled trip around the world which was accidentally stopped when someone posted a picture of them on the internet during their cruise. Annoying that it took that long to find them out, to be honest.

Anyway. I'm sure there are some (very few) good reasons for some people taking pictures off the internet. Me? I say don't do anything in public that you don't want to be photograhed for...
Wed 29/04/09 at 19:29
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"Check this out".

I was completely freaked out because of this on Saturday. I'd looked at the Street View photo, liked it, and forgot about it. Saturday I was driving up that road, and had a deja-vu moment, I recognised the street, and I didn't know why. The Body Shop, Coral, Toni & Guy, O2, The British Heart Foundation - it was all so familiar, and I didn't know why, until it hit me later that I'd seen the street earlier online. I felt like a bit of a monkey after that.
Sat 25/04/09 at 20:04
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I agree with you all about the concerns that you've raised - but recently I contacted my cousin in the good old US of A regarding our visit this year.
Before contact, I used Google Streetview to have a 'sneak preview' of what we were letting ourselves into by agreeing to stay with them for the entire visit!
With this knowledge, I rang my cousin's husband and during the conversation I mentioned that I'd found and viewed his house (a bush!!!) on Streetview. He wasn't surprised as the view I'd seen was two years old and he has extended the house considerably since then!
So I ask, what is the problem...USA 'streetviews' seem to be at least 2 years old - just like Google maps - and ours tend to be more recent - but so what? What have you all got to hide? The 'snapshot' of your dwelling shows an instance of its existance. It doesn't show whose at home, whats at home, how to get into the home etc etc etc.
Streetview hasn't covered all of the UK so far, but a colleague at work has mentioned that his unassuming dwelling now appears on Streetview.
Of course, using this info we all looked and confirmed that...yes, he does live in that boring complex in 'a nearby town' and yes, we will be visiting soon because a ground floor window was open and we should be ok for a bit of skullduggery!!

Ha Ha, get real :-D
Sat 25/04/09 at 17:59
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The real problem with this in my opinion is that people are drawing the privacy line at whether the information is damaging or not. And where as thats a fair indicator I think its a mistake to leave it at that. It sends out the message that people (businesses) should be allowed to do what they like with your information as long as they dont do anything to personally damage you.

Google street view might be impressive. But the bottom line of this is that a business is using your information to directly (or indirectly) make money. So you cant equate it with a holiday photo or various other silly examples I've seen. Its not a public service they are providing here. So why should they get to use images free of charge without even having to ask for permission? Yes you can ask for images containing you or your property to be removed. Yet its still a subtle moving of the goal posts away from what we've come to expect, ie businesses seeking our permission first. It certainly shouldnt be the job of the individual to search the internet to determine if their privacy is being violated.

Personally, I'm largely indifferent to street view and I cant imagine anything coming from it that would affect me personally. Yet that doesnt mean I should blindly accept it as being ok either.
Sat 25/04/09 at 17:06
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I really think any argument against this fantastic step forward in technology is pointless. The so called private or sensitive materials being displayed on the website are available to anyone with a spare afternoon to drive to and view the address.

People don't even know what they're complaining about anymore, or maybe they just want/need something to complain about. They need to grow up and put that energy into something worthwhile.

The very few areas where taking pictures is prohibited will not be included on the website, and those people are offended by, can be taken down, with no argument.

And all the while the government pushes hard to create legislation that will enable them to read all our emails, view our internet surfing habits, see how we interact within our social networks on sites like facebook, and listen to mobile phone conversations. All people seem to care about is that some 'TERRIRST!' can go on the internet and see a picture of their cat sunning itself on their front step.
Fri 24/04/09 at 21:27
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Thu 23/04/09 at 17:30
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Glad to see there has been some common sense shown.

"Google's Street View technology carries a small risk of privacy invasion but should not be stopped, the UK's Information Commissioner has ruled."

BBC News

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Fri 03/04/09 at 11:33
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Nin wrote:
> That is great. He must have had some insider knowledge about
> where the car would be.

Wally knows all.
Fri 03/04/09 at 11:25
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That is great. He must have had some insider knowledge about where the car would be.
Fri 03/04/09 at 11:18
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McLong wrote:
> Check
> this out

This is actually made of win, I salute this fella

Fri 03/04/09 at 11:16
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That. is amazing.

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