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Fri 16/05/03 at 18:59
Posts: 787
Ok, I've been learning the guitar since christmas. My guitar tutor is alright, but i've decided to give him up and teach myself. Reason being, he's teaching me all music from the 50 and 60's, stuff my parent's would be into. I find it quite tedious, i'd rather be learning some Chili's or Mettalica, music at todays standereds.

I've learnt quite a few chords, all the basics I guess.

So, I know quite a few people on these forums are guitar players, and I was wondering if you could reccomend me any "tutorial" books, stuff to learn off myself.

Good tab sites? is forever down, is there any other reasnobly good ones?

Tue 20/05/03 at 23:17
"Uzi Lover"
Posts: 7,403
Before I went for my interview today I said:

"When I come back I'm gonna thrash out on my Guitar"


*does the sign*
Tue 20/05/03 at 23:12
"Picking a winner!"
Posts: 8,502
Been trying to teach myself and my dad has been giving me pointers as he plays.

My brother is also learning, he bought himself a nice new guitar so at the moment I have the choice between playing my Les Paul, his Ovation pinacle or my dads acoustic one.

I'm going to start getting lessons in summer as I guess its the only way to learn and make sure you are doing things the right way and learn a bit quicker.
Tue 20/05/03 at 23:06
Posts: 23,284
I'm self taught me

I suck
Tue 20/05/03 at 19:31
Posts: 10,364
Bah same thing, .com,.net they're all the same.

Half the time Mxtabs is down anyway....
Tue 20/05/03 at 19:22
Posts: 11,597
Korg wrote:
> gamezfreak wrote:
> is forever down
> That's because it's

Tue 20/05/03 at 19:13
Posts: 71
gamezfreak wrote:
> is forever down

That's because it's
Sun 18/05/03 at 21:20
Posts: 10,364


I have a lot of faveourite bands, ranging from System of a Down to Counting Crows.
Sun 18/05/03 at 20:55
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
What type of music would you want to play?
Sun 18/05/03 at 20:52
Posts: 10,364
The guitar tutor I used to have charged 9 for 30 mins, I had to go to the place aswell for my lesson.

In the long run, I cannot afford a guitar tutor everyweek, it'd cost too much, and i'd rather learn at my own pace.

I need some sort of book to learn off, teach me more chords, I know quite a few already. Any reccomendations?

Cheers for the sites.
Sun 18/05/03 at 18:29
Posts: 3,348
gamezfreak wrote:
> We've tried, but some people are charging around 15!!

That isnt actually that much for a private tutor. Does he come to your house?

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