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"X men 2- a question (including a huge spolier!)"

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Sat 10/05/03 at 18:29
Posts: 787
Sorry if its been mentioned several times before but i haven't been on here for a couple of weeks.

Was i the only one who couldn't help but laugh when in the moments after Jean Greys death (? if this is the case), when all the x men are sitting together saying "there must have been something we could have done to save her" from a huge torrent of water, yet they have a slightly lame x man who's only ability is to freeze water! I'm not usually one to pick at movies plot lines but surely this was glaringingly obvious to anyone with half a brain when script writing was happening. Did i miss something, or did they give an explanation for what he was doing at the time? anyway it was a pretty damn good film, much better than the first anyway.
Thu 22/05/03 at 22:31
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
I can't really remember that much about the cartoon, what I want to remember is who is The Beast and how he turns so smart and so blue.
Thu 22/05/03 at 20:26
"Got any carrots?"
Posts: 806
u mean the sentinals, i think the government created them to kill mutants-hopefully are in next film!!

i wanna know what mutants people would like to see in the third film?

mine are jugganaut, archangel, apocalypse, gambit or sinister
Thu 22/05/03 at 19:15
"The Will of D."
Posts: 5,643
It was sooooo long ago now I can only remember bits of it.

I want to know (remember) who built those really huge robots.
Thu 22/05/03 at 14:17
"lets go back"
Posts: 2,661
Gambit was supposed to be in the second film but they cut the scene out. Lets hope they put him in the next one ( if they make another ).
Tue 20/05/03 at 23:38
"I'm Great."
Posts: 2,917
Puddleface wrote:
> rogue should be able to fly and have super human strength

Yes but didn't she get her powers from Miss Marvel or something. She has the ability to absorb other people's powers but from what I know she got them from her. In the film her powers have only just really started to develop in the last year or so.
Tue 20/05/03 at 23:27
Posts: 1
Did nobody watch the X-men cartoon, or read the comics, you may have learnt something,
Tue 20/05/03 at 22:41
"Got any carrots?"
Posts: 806
a few facts about x-men-

Nightcrawler is definately mystiques son and even stranger rogue is supposed to be her step-daughter.

iceman can actually turn his form into ice in the comics, he can also "fly" by shooting ice in the air and sliding on it

rogue should be able to fly and have super human strength

jean grey is also known as marvel girl and does become the pheonix cos shes messed up

storm can fly but for some reason they couldnt be arrsed to do it in the film,

lady deathstrike usually has red hair and metallic clothing, also i dont think shes dead in the film (shes doing the 3rd supposedly)

beast, jubilee, syren, colossus and kitty were in the 2nd film, theres probably more (colossus could have easily kicked the crap out of those guards)

cant think os anythin else
Tue 13/05/03 at 22:20
"Cardboard Tube Ninj"
Posts: 2,221

Must learn to type.
Tue 13/05/03 at 22:19
"Cardboard Tube Ninj"
Posts: 2,221
Psyİho Fox wrote:
> There been a rumour that Nightcrawler is Mystique's son (or brother).
> But they have totally different powers than each other, although they
> are both blue and scaly.

Mutant Gemetics, they don't have to make sense.
Tue 13/05/03 at 22:14
Posts: 347
I can't wait for the next movie and Phoenix's wonderful 'I'm a baddie, I'm a goodie, I'm a baddie, I'm a goodie, oh no, I'm Jean Grey again!' phase.
Just great. They just had to go and take that storyline, didn't they.

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