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"Another death..."

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Fri 02/05/03 at 06:55
Posts: 787
...this time for Miss Elizabeth.

I've just been browsing a wrestling site which has an obituries section, to see this.

Died on :: May 1, 2003
Name :: Miss Elizabeth
Real name :: Elizabeth Heulette
Cause :: Drug Overdose (Same as Curt Hennig)
Age :: 42

I also noticed a few surprising deaths. Some dude died from suicide. He was 22. I also found out that in 15 days, it'll be the years anniversary for the death of Davey Boy Smith, and 6 days lated, it'll be four years since Owen unfortunatly left us.

So, Miss Elizabeth is gone. It's a shame to see anyone die, especially at such a young age.
Thu 08/05/03 at 21:46
Posts: 9,808
I didn't say Sting won't get signed. To clear up any confusion what I meant was that the WWE were supposed to be signing Luger along with Sting. Now Luger has less chance than a snowball in heck.
Thu 08/05/03 at 20:10
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
Er...try reading Cong Mans post.
Wed 07/05/03 at 21:48
Posts: 11,373
What? Why can't Sting come back?
Wed 07/05/03 at 21:15
"Mysterio's no.1 fan"
Posts: 60
I don't know who he is either.
Wed 07/05/03 at 21:10
Posts: 11,597
Miss Elizabeth! Everyone knows Miss Elizabeth.

Oh, and Iron Sheik's daughter was strangled last week. Suspect number one is her boyfriend. Second wrestling-related death in one week.
Wed 07/05/03 at 21:07
"Mysterio's no.1 fan"
Posts: 60
who is she?
Fri 02/05/03 at 19:54
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
Tis' true unfortunatley. :(
Fri 02/05/03 at 19:49
"Where's SR?"
Posts: 1,310
Curt Hennig's dead? :(
Fri 02/05/03 at 19:15
"Far Beyond Metal"
Posts: 5,748
nnnnoooooo... I wanted Sting to reaturn to the WWE. It looks like it's just not gonna happen...
Fri 02/05/03 at 17:47
"One More Chance"
Posts: 6,887
I couldn’t give a toss. I have no sympathy for self-inflicted death. Serves her right.

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