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"Rage Against The Machine"

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Wed 09/04/03 at 21:04
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I'd like to introduce everybody (Who hasn't yet heard of them) to an old band. Admittedly they did split up a few years ago, but they were a fantastic band. They were called Rage Against The Machine and they ROCKED!!!! The music was rock/metal, but the lyrics were rapped over the top of it. The drummer was Brad Wilk, the bassist was Tim Commerford, the vocalist was Zack de la Rocha, and the guitarist was the amazing Tom Morrello. All of them were amazingly talented, especially Zack and Tom. Zack was not only the singer, but also the main song writer for the band, and he could also play guitar, drums and bass. Tom Morrello was, and still is, probably one of the greatest guitarists ever. He was not only renound for his amazing speed and fantastic solos, but also his extensive use to effects, including phaser, whammy and harmoniser. Above all though was his unique understanding and application of the advanced techniques of playing guitar which are normally used sparingly in solos by other guitarists. He could hit a pinched or tapped harmonic perfectly, 10 times out of 10, at any position on the fret board, and use a combination of effects and the pick-up selector switch to make his guitar mimick turn-tables by playing dead notes. He has been voted Best Guitarist 4 times in a row, and is down as on of Total Guitar magazine's "Guitar Gods". A trademark of Rage was never using synthesisers, sampling, or any other kind of effects in their music, only the instruments. Their main focus point was that Rage were an extremly political band. The took part in countless protests on and off stage, and the lyrics to nearly all of their song were political. They have won numerous music awards and done several Tours. They have many albumbs out including Evil Empire, Best of Rage, The Battle Of Los Angoles, Rage Against The Machine, and Renegades. All of these have gone at least single platinum, most double. Recently Zack de la Rocha left the band to go solo, and the 3 remaining band members recruited singer Chris Cornell, and became Audioslave. The official Rage Against The Machine website is simply . It contains far more additional information on the band than i currently have the time or the patients to dig up and include in this message. I don't really know that much about the band (Say's he who's just written 400 words on them!) but I know that they were a truly amazing (and one of the most influential) rock bands ever. If you like rock music, you'll LOVE Rage Against The Machine, trust me.

Thanks for reading!

Rattle snake3
Fri 02/05/03 at 19:37
"This one goes to 11"
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Wake up - great song! brilliant riff, easy solo (sounds great with a talk-box!), and the theme tune to the best film ever.
Fri 02/05/03 at 01:59
"I love yo... lamp."
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Yes Soundgarden is Chris Cornells old band. Best Rage song is Wake Up.
Thu 01/05/03 at 20:08
"This one goes to 11"
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Soundgarden...Chris Cornell's old band right?
Tue 29/04/03 at 20:28
"I am Riki Takeuchi!"
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My only problem with RATM is while they are a great band, a lot of their songs have the same "funky" sound to them :|

Still, nice to see the remaining three members sticking together. You guys need to listen to Soundgarden. They are amazing :)
Tue 29/04/03 at 20:25
"...Unicef pennies.."
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<- Lazarou -> wrote:
> triggerhappyrocker wrote:
> Wow. You can quote side-show Bob from the Simpsons. How very very
> sad.
> I fail to see what is sad about that, the fact that you knew what it
> was would make you equally sad wouldn't it, triggerhappyt*sser?

It was Bob's brother, Cecil, who said it.

Thu 24/04/03 at 21:37
"This one goes to 11"
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He does that on most song on that album. It's stupid really, the book tells you WHEN he's doin it, but doesn't tell you HOW he's doin it!!!!
Thu 24/04/03 at 21:35
"And the 7 Duffs"
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Yeah, Tom Morello's a with the old effects pedals.
I think on Know Your Enemy he does that thing with his pickup selector....twiddles it back and forth really fast but rhythmically with the song.
Thu 24/04/03 at 21:23
"This one goes to 11"
Posts: 1,212
The killin in the name solo sounds well good, but it's impossibly to get right without an oscillator and/or whammy pedal.
Thu 24/04/03 at 21:22
"This one goes to 11"
Posts: 1,212
Same musicians, same style of playing. Figures.
Thu 24/04/03 at 21:21
"And the 7 Duffs"
Posts: 465
Wow, solos.
Bloody hard working out solos from tab, though, as they're semi-improvised, so it's kinda not the same.
Worked out the solo to Township Rebellion, though, so I guess it's grrrrrrrrrrrreat.
One thing you get to notice about Rage if you play their songs on the guitar is how all the riffs are clustered around the same place, which is interesting...same goes for a few Audioslave ones, too.

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