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"Favourite Game Ever?"

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Sun 04/09/05 at 21:30
Posts: 10,009
Mario Kart for SNES.
Tue 13/09/05 at 21:04
"Divine Davine"
Posts: 799
Rickoss wrote:
> Only people who severely suck hate MM. It was amazing, better than
> OoT.

Oh no, no, no. By all means MM is an absolutely incredible game, but Ocarina is a true classic.

But yes, there are certainly aspects of MM that are better than Ocarina. The sheer scope of the game is just overwhelming and the difficulty has been cranked up big style. Ocarina just had the better world, temples and story in my very honest opinion.
Tue 13/09/05 at 20:29
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
I played it and due to some really annoying glitch I kept on falling into water with the Deku and could not get to safety.So it put me back where I fell from and the pattern was repeated.Again and again.
Tue 13/09/05 at 20:17
Posts: 10,437
Only people who severely suck hate MM. It was amazing, better than OoT.
Tue 13/09/05 at 19:58
"It's so,so cold"
Posts: 386
I hated that so much.

Ocarina of Time is the greatest of all time.
Tue 13/09/05 at 19:37
Posts: 10,437
Majora's Mask. Fantasmic game.
Mon 12/09/05 at 16:53
"Da num.01 rapper"
Posts: 503
Mario Kart on N64 and Super Smash Bros on N64.
Tue 06/09/05 at 15:41
Posts: 5,857
I can't really comment on FF. i only ever played FFX and hated it.

Kinda like Zwelda really. Maybe I oughta just drop my grudge and give Wind Waker a go...
Tue 06/09/05 at 01:02
Posts: 18,185
Well that's just a matter of opinion. The likes of FF bore me... most RPG's do (Pokemon, Paper Mario aside... and no not cause they're nintendo games).
Mon 05/09/05 at 22:52
Posts: 6,492
Dringo wrote:
> I find Zelda complex in a exploration kinda way... perhaps not from a
> stratigic standpoint, other than choosing the correct weaponry there
> was little to decide other than work out puzzles and that can be
> rather simple. But exploration wise the game had a lot of depth
> which, I feel, surpasses the likes of Final Fantasy.

Just no :D.

Final Fantasy X, yes, but not any of the PS1 games :-).

Yes they added a few new moves to the cambat system, but it was still the same combat mechanics behind it.
Mon 05/09/05 at 20:30
"You've upset me"
Posts: 21,152
Jeez, how could I forget Sensible Soccer?! That game stole about 2 years of my and my friends/cousins/brothers life.

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