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Fri 16/09/05 at 08:53
"Pouch Ape"
Posts: 14,499
(yes I've seen Hedfix's topic, but I'm making one of my own)


I must say that I'm very excited by this, the possibilities are incredible. Hats off to Nintendo for completely revolutionising how we are going to interact with consoles. Ahem.

Think about it, you'll be able to simply select stuff by using a lightgun-ish remote control. I can see already how that can be applied to an FPS, and it might actually make Metroid playable (I hate the strafing). It actually made me say, for the first time "Hmmm, might be worth looking in to".

No crappy fob-off like the PS3 controller, which looks very uncomfortable, or the Xbox2 one which is the current one but white. Also, put the Revolution controller on it's side and you have an NES pad! Awesome!

Nintendo, I tip my cap in your direction (whichever way Japan is. Right, I think).
Sun 18/09/05 at 18:05
Posts: 18,185
gamesfreak wrote:
> How do you know Dringo?

Naturally I don't know for certain. But Sony aren't ready to release it just yet. I mean come on, the "spring" announcement was merely there to prevent people interested in the 360 from buying it and waiting just a few months for the next one.

I predict the PS3 and Revolution will hit over here at around Christmas time.
Sat 17/09/05 at 15:56
Posts: 9,848
Well MS only gave their final release dates the other day and their console is out this year. I reckon the japanese will have it around September next year and us/US (see what I did there?) will likely get it November/December time. I don't think Nintendo will give us the "6 months later" treatment this time... I hope not...
Sat 17/09/05 at 15:22
Posts: 5,848
He was simply making a point. Fair enough, the subtler Dringo jokes were (and still are) quite funny but simply saying 'Dringo burns things' to every point he makes is harldly being very mature, and people accuse him of being immature and over-dramatized. I only say it because when someone can't speak their mind without being attacked it's a little o.t.t

And as for the release of the console, I've seen nothing actually saying that it was due out pre-E3. Quite why Sony and Nintendo have kept so schtum about the launch dates intrigues me.
Sat 17/09/05 at 15:16
Posts: 10,364
How do you know Dringo?

Did you sneak into the Sony offices with your Nintendo hat on and listen into their conversations? Burn the blueprints of the PS3 design?

"they won't, mwahahahah"
Sat 17/09/05 at 13:03
Posts: 18,185
Herr Dark Wolf wrote:
> The fact that the guy from NOE said that more will be showed at E3 is
> very distressing :(

Sony won't release their console before E3. They say they will... but they won't.
Sat 17/09/05 at 07:40
"Dunemaul NE Hunter"
Posts: 549
Its not a light gun, although it can be used in that way. Its more of a 3D mouse, so you dont have to actually be pointing at the screen for certain things.
Fri 16/09/05 at 22:21
Posts: 10,364
The only slight problem I can see with it is the fact that there isn't as many buttons as I'd thought.

Meh, that'll probably change in the future.

I just hope Nintendo don't make things too revolutionary, people usually get put off by stuff ahead of its time.
Fri 16/09/05 at 21:04
Posts: 9,848
I'm looking forward to when they make a beat-em up where you move with the nunchaku analogue and swing the remote as a sword handle... the wire between them will need to be longer though. :)
Fri 16/09/05 at 19:10
Posts: 3,937
The fact that the guy from NOE said that more will be showed at E3 is very distressing :(
Fri 16/09/05 at 19:09
Posts: 2,287
I was expecting Nintendo and Sony to reveal the release dates for their consoles during the Tokyo game show. :(

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