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"So Far Cry then?"

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This thread has been linked to the game 'Far Cry'.
Thu 29/09/05 at 22:16
Posts: 33,481
I've noticed a few of you have gotten hold of this early.

What's it like? Is the online much cop?

I've claimed it as a GAD anyway, mainly interested in how the online mode functions.
Thu 06/10/05 at 13:35
Posts: 5,323
It's a completely new story line, and if you have LIVE then it is worth getting it for the multiplayer.
Wed 05/10/05 at 17:51
"High polygon count"
Posts: 15,624
I had Far Cry on the PC.

Is this similar/as good/worth getting?
Tue 04/10/05 at 10:03
Posts: 14,117
Think I may have to get this at some point....
Tue 04/10/05 at 01:14
Posts: 1,302
Can someone explain each of the game modes for online play please?
Eg: Predator, etc
Sat 01/10/05 at 13:15
Posts: 5,323
Ah, fixed the sound glitch I was experiencing.
Fri 30/09/05 at 19:38
Posts: 1,688
Just accepted, ill be online in about 15mins, doing a little of single player, its very impressive.

One thing, who does the voice for carver? I know ive heard it somewhere before.

You tried throwing stones at the enemies? Ahaha, whacked one on the back of the head, you get some varied responces before losing your face :D
Fri 30/09/05 at 19:33
Posts: 4,910
Just added you.
Fri 30/09/05 at 19:06
Posts: 1,688
sPiKeCaSt wrote:
> I would recommending trying out the single player then diving into the
> multiplayer. what's ya gametag? I'll be online soon :D

mines is SAS Duck - bit random I know XD
Fri 30/09/05 at 18:47
Posts: 5,323
On single player does the sound go weird when someone is speaking.

The sound seems to cackle for me, is it supposed to?
Fri 30/09/05 at 17:32
Posts: 4,910
I would recommending trying out the single player then diving into the multiplayer. what's ya gametag? I'll be online soon :D

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