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"1.9 Patch Notes"

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Tue 18/10/05 at 11:20
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1.9 Patch Notes

Rogue changes:

-Daggers have been replaced with spoons, rogues waste a lot of energy running around stealthed so now they can eat dirt to make up for the energy lost, additionally stealth has been removed.
-Backstab now causes no damage and raises your threat level by 100% while causing your armor to fall off.
-Rogues have received two new skills, Frontstab and Rangestab.

Priest changes:

-Priests can no longer heal. They were never ment to heal this was a bug and our hard-working staff have fixed this bug after working on it all year.

Paladin changes:

-Paladins can no longer wield weapons of any kind only books with which they can smite enemies with. Books cause no damage but do a minimal debuff of -1 str.
-All Blessings have been replaced with various donuts.

Mage changes:

-Due to significant changes we have made to the mage class during this year,

this class has been removed from the game. The role of making water and food and also portals will be given to other classes in the next patches. Mage players will be given a new character at the level of their mage character and they are absolutely free to choose their new class.

Hunter changes:

-Hunters can no longer shoot things, they were never intended to be able to shoot bullets and this was a bug.
-Hunters pets can no longer attack and run away during a fight.

Warlock changes:

-Warlocks' Felhunter will now have limitless number of Spell Lock attempts, of course considering the mana cost.
-Warlocks now can do more damage at pre-60 as well as 60 than before to fill the gap made by removing the mage class in Azeroth.

Shaman changes:

-Fixed a bug where Shamans sometimes died while in combat.
-Shaman's can now wear plate at level 40. They will normally
come with Mail at the first levels. We are trying to get a new set of armour skill called Super Steel specially designed for level 60 shamans. Super Steels are cheaper and easier to find and they have 100% more armor than Plates.

Druid changes:

-Bear form has been replaced with Fish Form allowing the Druid to talk to Aquaman.

Warrior changes:

-All warrior weapons will now do 30% less damage and shards of armor shipped from their enemies as they hack at them will cause temporary blindness on every melee attack.
-Over Power has been buffed to one-shot mages 100% of the time, although the mage class is unfortunately removed.
-Warriors can now use 3-Handed Weapons.
Tue 25/10/05 at 18:11
"period drama"
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J Nash wrote:
> Fiery Salamander wrote:
> -Adding a bot that spams "wheres the stolen silver" every
> 5
> seconds in the Barrens
> hahah

:' )

Why would they need a bot for that?
Tue 25/10/05 at 15:34
"gsybe you!"
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I get sick of people complaining about queues - tough luck, it happens, now get over it.

Ironforge lags like hell, so I don't know what they're on about.

Shamans can be beaten, but they have such a strong versatility - at least in groups.
Tue 25/10/05 at 11:56
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Fiery Salamander wrote:
> -Adding a bot that spams "wheres the stolen silver" every 5
> seconds in the Barrens

Tue 25/10/05 at 10:11
"For the horde!!!!"
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Server changes

-Increase the lag even more during prime time to give the NPC's a chance to win and the venders can have a tea break

-Increasing the limit of players that can enter a single server so a load of idiots can invade and lag your server because theirs as crashed.

-Adding a bot that spams "wheres the stolen silver" every 5 seconds in the Barrens

-Increasing massive lag spikes in Orgrimmar, Undercity and Thunder bluff so even more people roll Alliance and mess up the already stupied ratio.
Sat 22/10/05 at 15:54
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Are these people short of brains?

These are official blue posts on the US forums.

"We are currently reviewing each of the three Paladin talent trees, along with conducting a comprehensive review to their Seal and Judgment system. What we're keeping in mind during these reviews primarily concerns healing speed, cost and efficiency, along with DPS control and burst damage. In addition, we're looking into Aura versatility and Blessing duration. When we have more information on the specifics of change, we'll post the information for everyone to view.

What I do know is the talent changes are slated to hit patch version 1.9 (next content patch)."

And it does get worse...

"I'm not sure what you're quoting specifically, but Shaman talents aren't considered to be in a state least demanding of our attention, and more than likely won't come last on our review schedule. While improvements we make to their talents would certainly create the "OMG BLIZZ BUFFED SHAMAN!!!!111" threads, there are in-fact a number of areas concerning their talents which are in need of improvement, primarily those which would benefit the PvE aspect of the game.

Having a level 60 Shaman myself that focuses on high end raids, I can attest that a number of talents are lacking. In our efforts to make available to each of the nine classes - multiple viable talent options to choose from, we will be addressing Shaman talents some point in the near future, despite any misconception that they aren't in need of improvement."

So basically, they only listen to other blizzard staff and not the millions of customers they have. Go Go Blizzard!!!
Wed 19/10/05 at 16:49
"For the horde!!!!"
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Cool I get to talk to aquamen :P
Tue 18/10/05 at 19:09
"+34 Intellect"
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SHEEPY wrote:
> Rogues have become totally useless now.

Hardly, they still fulfil the anti-caster role with painful efficiency.
Tue 18/10/05 at 13:36
"gsybe you!"
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Tue 18/10/05 at 13:28
Posts: 2,464
To you non-shamans, I say:

Tue 18/10/05 at 12:15
"gsybe you!"
Posts: 18,825
SHEEPY wrote:
> Rogues have become totally useless now.

Speaking as a Priest, they still whip my butt a lot of the time.

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